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Monday, April 16, 2007

Home @ Somerset

Edited : Yeah man up the lorry for him !

Recently our winning eleven gaming session have temporary shifted from St Michael to Somerset area due to some unforeseen circumstances. There are many luxury condos built around Somerset area and 1 of my friend stays there. It's just a 10 minutes walk from Somerset Mrt so it's really convenience to shop at cinelesure or club at Double O.

The valued of his house is worth at least millions so you can imagine how rich he is ...
He owns 2 handphones which i'm not quite sure what model it is... sharp and nokia 6300 ? A rich man does not necessary carry a vertu accent.

Owns PS4 OK ?
PS2+PS2=PS4 !

Mai siao siao grade 8 pianist. I only know how to play Fur Elise first part, darn i lost the score sheet. I'm just a keyboard Noob.It's always great to start off the day with a swim as we usually we stay up gaming until 3-4am .

A beautiful sunrise @ 7am

I can see swissotel from here !

His maid make our day =D

This is the rich boy who has the habit
of not wearing clothes at home.
Must protect his identity to prevent been kidnap.

And he rides a posh .
But this car self fish one can only sit 2 ppl =x
4 ppl how to squeeze his car ?

Still waiting for him to buy falali so i can test drive it then i would die with no regret of driving a falali =D
It's been 2 weeks since school started but still on a holiday mode, enjoy while it last, assignments and homework coming soon !!!


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