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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Hidden Nature Spot

Have you read about the closure of Khatib Bongsu in the papers ?
This place would soon be close to the public due to military purposes.
Members of the public has been urging the government to preserve this nature spot, however the government is set to acquire the piece of land, getting rid of the last 2 house remaining.

What lies beyond the track

Mr Tan who is one of the resident here told us his account of story.
The straits time reporter interviewed him for a long time, waited for quite awhile before the reporter left (entertainment reporter somemore), talk so much also no use, not every single word can be publish especially about the government.

Telling lots of stories ...

"In 10 years time you would see monkey robbing with a gun" - Mr Tan

No matter what he's here to stay.
Check back again for the full account of his story.


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