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Friday, May 11, 2007

At a glance

Haven't been blogging recently due to the blogger technical bug. The composer interface is totally screwed up but all thanks to jill for providing me the solution to it. Simply add a "2" after the www and it works like a charm. Another magic word is the command sleep(1), solves a major bug in my c++ program which i have been staying up late nights completing it.

For the next 1 month will be very busy with programming assignments as usual ... Really look forward to the holidays where all my burdens would be temporary off loaded, then back again in july =(

Last week we went to dairy farm for "excursion" and there were no cows there ...

A very quiet place that has no sights of paranormal activities. Only caught a few orbs when shooting towards the forested area, shows that it's a relatively clean place. Dairy farm is located on the left at dairy farm road before going up to PIE. Do note that it's sitting on a lower attitude (see 1st pic).

---------Sexploring Joo Chiat and Katong---------note that the "s" was intentional

Joo chiat is well known for it's Vietnamese pubs where you can hook up a babe or two. There are many hidden delicacy as well, we decided to check out what's hot over there other than babes.

joo chiat is one straight road with many pubs


Bak Kut Teh

Best in SG recommended by moses

spotted this cool car !

Joo chiat road leads to Katong which was famous for it's laksa, chocolates, cheap lan gaming, steaks and ghost buster.

We visited awfully chocolate head office to find out their formula to tasty chocolate cakes.

Oh too bad lady boss wasn't around to entertain us, but their office do look real posh. Sell cakes also can make big bucks, that's why stella is enjoying so much counting notes over at taiwan. Earn more money than singing plus acting ...

Selling cakes is a lucrative business

---------------Aston Specialty ----------------

Finally we had our dinner at the edmw favourite steak house ! It's just located opposite katong mall.

For the Rich

Solid checker grill steaks @ a bargain !

I'm feeling hungry as i am typing this.
All steaks are priced at a reasonable price, the best part is that it doesn't charge you for 10% service charge !!! For as little as $10.50 you could be chewing those juicy grilled meats, so what are you waiting for ? Deserved to be the best budget value steak house, standard almost on par with Chicago steak but price is unbeatable.

Katong Shopping centre has a ghost buster shop so if you need help in spiritual matter please approach them. SPI is another alternative if you believe ghost can be explain in scientifically...

As you can see this post has been written in an unfashionably manner. The time now is 2.09am and i'm feeling extremely hungry and tired. Went to attend a wake in the evening, it was a very sad thing to lose 2 kins in a day. What she needs most is help from friends, assignment 4 source code up for free, lelong lelong !!!

And i just dyed my hair to...
That's just after bleaching, the final colour is quite unusual i must say haha.
Now me and pf looks like ah lian and ah beng ... haha ...
Thanks for reading...byebye ! ZZzzz


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