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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mount Pleasant Cemetery - Beta Version

Our ride for the night, subaru impreza. The interior of the car is kinda small which makes our journey throughout uncomfortable , to make matters worse we had an unwelcome "guest" beside us after the trip to cemetery. GIRLS are also unwelcome at ghost hunting =(

On the night just few hours before the champion league kicked off, we gathered for our monthly ghost hunting adventure outing. Mission is to discover a Qing Dynasty Tomb which was located at mount pleasant cemetery. The cemetery has become a forsaken place, there was no proper road to access to it.

It was located just beside the PIE expressway, drivers must be amused seeing a few kids jumping in and out of the forested bushes. The electric box maintenance team parked at the road shoulder stared at us as if we were aliens from mars.

This picture was taken at Onraet Road, last time it was the passage to the cemetery but it was out of bound.

A track that leads to...

Now it's off boundary to public, security camera installed.

No luck, that's why we have to resort to trekking the 60 degree inclined slope to gain access to the cemetery. Tape was put up to discourage people from entering.

Looking down from the hill.

The rest of the pictures are inside the digital camera which i can't extract yet because the cable is not with me. Needless to say it consist of tombs, orbs and ... Navigating up the cemetery was very challenging, each step we took had to be cautious in order not to step onto their "head" else it would spell big big trouble for one. It's really a huge "land mine" up there, sometimes unable to differentiate tombs as some were covered with thick bushes. The rain over the past few days have made the terrain slippery, to be safe we dress in long pants and long sleeve to prevent bites.

To sum it up we didn't manage to find the legendary grand tomb, it was said to be very big, say a size of basketball court ? Sweats wasted for navigating 45 minutes up there, freaking hot and humid to dress in full suit. Will get the coordinates right again next time, we will be back.

Tailing Spirits
Argh this one i don't wanna elaborate too much. Someone in our group saw "thing" following us in the car, all the way from cemetery to upper thomson prata house. And persistently to diary farm road near Singapore Quarry. We were on our way to the quarry but the path was too muddy to navigate into so we gave up. I think the "thing" follow us back to yishun or what so ever. I guess i was pretty unlucky to be chosen by the "thing", my friends accompanied up and perform some safety measures, throwing the red string tied to finger and entering the door from the back. That's to make use of human 3 lights to ward off the thing.

Nothing happened throughout the morning (4am reach home). My parents went overseas to china, leaving me alone in the house but i don't sense anything. After so many ghost hunting experience this is my first time somebody warned me to be "careful". So far so good, my luck is yet to run out. Next destination dairy farm house, view road hospital (old mental hospital) or ???? Anybody interest in going to Ford Factory Museum ? $3 per entry.
the "thing" disappeared.

Will upload the pictures from the camera as soon as i got my cable back.
Now i got 2 super tough programming assignments in hand, it just keeps coming, sianzzz...


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