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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Super Heros

Who is your favorite hero listed below ?

QN: What colour is power ranger

Gold because ... Go Go Power Ranger !

Addicted to Heros thanks to lalala ...and the influence from other friends.
But i still miss prison break !!!
Save the cheerleader
Save the world

Been so busy with programming stuff, it's good at least it keeps me at home. Will be free after next friday . Yahoo, counting down to freedom . Good luck to those taking exams !

Yes mankind is evil. It's a world of dog eat dog, whoever the strongest survive. I know somebody is frustrated on it's own precious homework been spreading around the poor ones. If we are not going to help them, who will ... watch them fail the subjects ? Everybody should be helping one another on projects, of course not to the extend of "kioing" whole code ... I have my own way of helping too, do what you want, but don't get caught. I have been like helping a group of people all the way, of course people helped me too... You don't understand never mind, this is for the students in university of wollongong. Programming sucks huh ...


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