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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Upper Pierce Reservoir

Yes the first thing i wanted to do after exam is adventure : ghost hunting !!! However i was scheduled to work right after my lunch celebration. Leave the planning matters to the rest of the members but they were slacking. The hospital supposed to be the destination for the night but ended up prata session at thomson and a little hiking at the reservoir... Anyway i'm quite tired after work and yp also abit sick, sick still wanna eat prata omg ...

One of the best i tried so far

Omg it's like a banana boat

ice cream prata $3

What next after a prata session at 1am ? Like i said, there are only 2 things you can do in the middle of the night, either eat supper ( which we had already done so) or explore places... Since these "boys" didn't visit the pierce reservoir situated deep inside old racing road, shall go there disturb the love birds (couples). Because night time it's very suitable for dating, want to see scenery must come in day time.

Could take decent pic with handphone

There were 2 small boats at the jetty, been mischievous boys we climbed over the gate and hopped on. After that walked the trail in near total darkness, that was the closest thing we could get to satisfy our ghost hunting addiction. Had to be careful not to fall into the deep dark water or fell from the stairs ... Ok now shall feature the rest of the pictures i taken in day time in the past.

Come to this place you will forget your stress and trouble temporary, what a place to get away from the hectic urban life. Alright more rural adventures on the way, stay tune for the adventures at kranji area !


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