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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kranji Attractions

Disclaimer : This shall be the longest post ever with tons of pictures, steer clear if you are on a slow connection ( you still living on stone age ? )

Since my date couldn't meet me due to unforeseen circumstances, I mobilized my brothers for an enriching heritage tour in Kranji. Don't think any girls would like to join my adventure that has nothing to do with shopping or aircon.

The best part of the tour was that we woundn't have to spend more than a dollar, in fact budget can be limited just under $2 plus free parking somemore, but don't include cost of petrol. Much more better than slacking at vivo cafes, catching movie and paying ERP carpark.

What's the first thing that comes into your mind upon mentioning kranji. Ah huh must be associated with my working place turf club. Or it does sounds like some wu lu place full of industrial with no HDB estate in sight, true you are right. That's why many people out there didn't even step onto kranji turf before... unless you are coming to turf club for a killing spree which i doubt so anway.

Welcome to Kranji Turf Club

you can see how pack it is

The pictures are just to show you roughly how it was in the club, you should probably come down and experience the thrill yourself. Our first destination of the day was just beside the turf club. Kranji War Memorial.

Extracted from website, a brief introduction.
Kranji War Memorial honours the men from Britain, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Malaya, the Netherlands and New Zealand who gave their lives for freedom in World War II.

Marked graves of 4,000 servicemen who died during the Japanese Occupation stand in neat rows on manicured lawns. Another 24,000 names of soldiers and airforce men who died but whose bodies were never recovered are inscribed on 12 columns.
Kranji War Cemetery began as a hospital burial ground during the Japanese Occupation and became a military cemetery after the war. Bodies of servicemen buried in other parts of Singapore were exhumed and reburied here. The area is also the burial ground of Singapore's first two presidents.

We loved the peacefulness of this place, tombs were nicely arranged and maintained. Together we paid respects for the heros of WWII ... SALUTE !

A tomb

Many tombs

Freaking many tombs

In the middle stands a tall artifact.

Behind the tall thing was this wall .
"They died for all free men"
Names engraved on the wall

At the entrance we saw a grave that was isolated in the field, do you know who it belongs to ?
Come and find out, he was dead even before you were born .

The beautiful flower is fake one, cos we cross examined it.

Singapore 2nd president, i thought the first one was
easier to remember cause always see him on our notes.

After visiting this "sacred realm", shall proceed to the next stop but first of all have to cross the kranji dam, a similar version of yishun techno bridge but much more narrower, and no parking at the road side !!!

Like yishun dam

Opposite is Malaysia
How about night view ?
Taken in the previous ghost hunting outing to Kranji
beach battlesite ( unpublished )

There was a train station near the dam, think it belongs to the malaysia government. Anyway not many people will come here and chill because it's really deserted and inconvenient. Further more it's located in kranji which is not a neighborhood estate. Well there is few abandoned HDB flats in Kranji which was rumoured to be haunted, shall cover on that next time.

The next destination sits deeply in lim chu kang area, gotta make lots of turn before reaching the place.

Meh meh, welcome to the goat farm , hay dairie.

What's the different between a goat and a sheep ? They both meant the same right ? That's not important anyway, let go cradle some sheep. Sheep sounds gentle furry animal, goat is like a fierce ram isn't it ... just my 2 cents.

Can smell them even before entering

Viewing goat at barn 2

Plenty of goats for us to play

Mostly families brought their kids to have fun, we were the only childish looking adult in the farm. Let's go disturb the goats !

suck our umbrella haha, we did not ill treat
the animal in any way

Opps it has got 2 tits tits, cow has 4
i mean teats.
Food for thought ...

This creature darn funny one, sometimes they sticked their head out but don't know how to retract back. Taking pictures with them requires skill too because they keep moving, can't keep still for a moment.

ME ?

The grass for feeding is sold for $2, but we played cheapskate picked up those remaining on the floor and fed them. But there's no way to play cheapskate to drink goat milk, unless we go suck the milk from the goat ... yucks , just talking crap.

Freshly squeezed chocolate milk !
But processing needs time so probably not that fresh anyway.

It's like sitting at primary school canteen drink milk

who play extra here ?

Suddenly there were many coupe turning into the carpark, counted and counted until we lost count. Turned out to be a car forum outing.

Fun car, the daihatsu copen coupe.
only available through parallel import.

Will be continued ...


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