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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

刺青 @ Cathay Cineplex

Wanted to watch the movie since it's release but seems like not much people are interested. In the end managed to pull few friends to join me and i played out my date since she's not interested in this "kind" of movie. Despite of some of the bad reviews from internet and friends, we are going to catch it tonight !!!

It will be my first time watching RA movie as well as watching at the new cathay cineplex. I wouldn't come all the way here if any of the cinemas in the north side are showing, the fact is that only a handful are showing which are located in town or vivocity.

Gigantic poster, can steal this like
we stolen stella genki tea ?

what the heck is stella doing at a void deck

At level 2 corner there is a cathay gallery that show case many old records and equipments that was used last time. Not many people know the existence of the gallery when i asked those who have watched movies here before. Walk into the history time line to find out the movies industrial way before you were born.

The entrance

Right after i took this picture, the security told me no phototaking allow in the gallery. Anyway i took a few pics, i'm best at doing illegal things discretely.

Wah darn retro stuff

That's about it, gonna stop phototaking before he wake up from his evening nap.
Why is the movie named Spider lilies, it's actually a type of poisonous flower that was tattooed onto isabella arm.

I know the reason why it was rated R21, that's simply because if young audience watched it, they wouldn't be able to understand the super slow story and will be making noise in the cinema. It was a pleasant experience to watch a movie without anybody making noise, especially the erotic kissing between 2 females, i was basically holding my breadth while they managed to pull it off... phew.

Came with zero expectation, leave with satisfaction. Isabella kept her cool really well, raine acting skill has far more room for improvement. However her singing in the movie make up for it, really like the OST alot. For this type of movie, either you love it or hate it. Check out yahoo movies for more reviews, i would say worth for $6.50 but not $9.50. Don't bother to download it and watch at your comp because you would fall asleep if you do so, best watch in cinematic mood because you have no choice but to sit throughout the show. Right after the show i turned around and looked, fwah full house with majority female audience ~

The saddest part is what happened to an ah beng who thought tattoo can give him the power to bully people, in the end he ... omg

Will continue my adventure shortly in the previous post, stay tuned.



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