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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

News Flash

Somebody suggested that i am slowly transforming my webspace into a food blog. Hey no way because food blog requires alot of budget one, can't expect me to recommend hawker food everytime right ? There's a fine contrast between a professional food blogger and a normal blogger, based on my fantasy imagination they look like the following.

Everyday look for new dishes to sample, after eaten fully reach home to blog about it. The same routine repeats again. Just my assumption, perhaps they hold a full time job and blogging is just a part time hobby.

Today i'm gonna blog about current affairs which i haven't done so for a long time. Although it's nearly 12am but i'm not comfortable if my inspiration struck me and not posting it up.

Raiding Internet Bar in Geylang

The police launched a surprise attack on even numbered lorong 10, 14,18. For your information all less savoury businesses can be found on even numbered lorongs, eateries and restaurants are located on odd numbered lorongs.

As a "regular" (makan and sightseeing) customer of geylang, the internet cafe looks ordinary offering services to those hookers to send email or use QQ. There is a secret room where they do their real business, fruit machines. A bouncer will be verifying the identity of customer before they can access the special service, but play jackpot why don't go to normal clubs play ?

Illegal gambling den #1

Illegal gambling den #2

At one of the lane at geylang behind the indian coffeeshop, lots of tables was set up for gambling. They are converting the back alley into a mini casino, can't believe they are so bold to do so. Talk a walk in geylang on one of the night, you are not a true singaporean if you haven't done so.

Man killed in 160kmh race
Idiots like this deserved it, ok i'm mean but speeding is really a silly act. Travelling 160kmh on a 70kmh road is really seeking for death. That vios driver tried to overtake a car by cutting the incoming lane without realizing there's a vehicle travelling.

Bang onto the incoming DHL truck and pronounced dead instantly, game over.

Half of the car body was gone, can you imagine the impact on the the driver ?

In school
My new lecturer from Australia is cute, humorous but sometimes pace go too fast until we lost.

The hardworking girls in my class

pf got bored and did something funny. 相似度 80% Pucca !!!
Will i get strangle by her for posting this ? I hope she doesn't read it ...

Ah Neo
Just wanna thank you for the useful information and treat at geylang ( dim sum ) . You look darn cute in this picture, sorry to sexpose you ! Thank you for visiting my blog regularly, must support me in the upcoming activities =)

Mr nelson !

DHL balloon @ Bugis
This has been going on for quite awhile. Enjoy breathe taking view as high as 40 storeys high for solid 10 minutes. Didn't bring my digital camera along so i shall save it for next time, very expensive also !!!

Eating Ben n Jerry ice cream with them ( yuna n jieying) at macdonald while strangers were having mcflurry staring at us. This kind of branded ice cream cannot eat too often, too rich for my liking.

Project Sunrise
Couldn't catch a sunrise at sembawang bottle tree park, so i think it's best to travel east side to view the full sun rise. Changi Loyang will be a very ideal place to catch sun rise, who's with me ?

Cloudy see no sun !!!

That's all for now, hopefully there will be something more interesting in the next post. Possible destination will be ...
Bukit Timah Secret Mountain water (as said by lalala)
MacRitchie Reservoir Japanese Shrine (requires lots of stamina and planning)
Little Indian and Desker Road ( got ah gua there right ?)
Sun Rise @ loyang 大伯公 ( zzz @ 5am to changi )


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