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Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Old Ford Factory

Ever since i started out my ghost haunting venture, ford factory is my top priority place to visit as it was labeled the most haunted place in Singapore. Back then we didn't have the necessary transport, not so modern technology like Google to gather resources. Finally we visited the Ford Factory after years of waiting, and i think i have reached the pinnacle peak of my ghost haunting career journey. The most powerful place in singapore had been converted into a bloody museum, i knew that long ago but didn't expect the place was completely turned upside down.

After paying a hefty price which equivalent is a brand new plasma TV at SIM, we headed down to Ford Factory which isn't far from the school. $3800 is the fee for my new semester, i lost another plasma set cum PS3 again to the school =(

Admission Charges
Want to see ghost still have to pay money first, charges are $3.50 for adults, $2.50 for students. I as the organizer again helped to save everybody's money by printing out online discount vouchers. Faking as NYP students, we paid $1.50 each for it.

What i would want to see is the old rumbles and structures. Unfortunately the old building have to make way for luxurious condo, what was left is just a small portion of the old ford factory. Land in Bukit Timah is expensive, even historical buildings ain't spared in consideration of profits.

The history tunnel begins
Singapore darkest history 1942-1945

Lieutenant-General Percival And Lieutenant-General Yamashita

The Surrender of Singapore

Percival accepted the unconditional surrender but asked if he could have till the morning before he signed. Yamashita saw that as a delaying action. He later wrote in his diary:

"I was afraid in my heart that they would discover that our forces were much less than theirs. That was why i decided that i must use all means to make them surrender without terms. My interpreter was very poor. Obviously he did not know about my worries and he also had difficulty with technical army terms. I became irritated, as i wanted to bring the matter straught to a conclusion, and i told my interpreter, "I want to hear nothing from him except 'yes or no' I am afraid that in my anxiety i emphasised the 'yes or no' in English too much. The interpreter also emphasised the words very loudly when he repeated them to the British commander. This, however did end the matter quickly and Percival agreed to my demand for unconditional surrender."

This is the original boardroom where the 2 generals faced off.
It remained as one of the greatest mistake in history.
Singapore should not fall, it's was an impregnable fortress.
British had 2 men to 1 Japanese soldier. Japanese was running low on ammunition.

The exhibition

More good years ahead
Life as POW
All the internees and POWs kept their morale as best as they could. European POWs were initally allowed the luxury of attedning church services led by priests on Sundays. The priests were able to exchange words with them and pass on food. The Japanese were fairly relaxed then. Likewise in camps, drama and musical performances, social functions, sports and religious activities were allowed. There was a camp newspaper called Pow-wow which recorded prison camp life. It started off being once a week, then once a fortnight, once a month, then stopped. It's printed on A4 size paper. Little bit of a joke or maybe a rumour or maybe something that's supposed to be a secret that didn't turn out to be a secret after all.

Steal things ?
Chop off your head for display

Force 136

Lim Bo Seng Diary

Medals awarded in recongnition of service during war

The End of Japanese Era
The rest was pretty much history, America drop 2 atomic bombs and saved our ass. There was a 20 minutes movie shown in the high class theatre room. So while watching the movie i asked Seng the political observer, "hey what was Lau Lee doing during the world war II days ?"

His answer, " Oh he worked as a translator for the japanese ..." -.-||

Then the film showed the part which PAP came to a rise, so actually LKY laid the foundation for Singapore isn't it... He argued again, "No it was David Marshall who was great". Of course he died of lung cancer 10 years ago, those who opposed the government will not have a good ending, like JBJ or the guy prisoned in Sentosa... too many to list.

Go pang sai also have to see his face

Cheerios to the fantastic four.
Band of brothers.

Looks like my days of ghost haunting is countable, running out of places to explore. The only thing is to visit the rest of the museums, no cheap thrills but many lessons to learn !


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