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Friday, July 06, 2007

Ole To Ramly Burger

Late night come home work sucks i know, ever since school started life has been pretty routine for me. Attend lectures follow by work, revision at home ... Doubt there will be any super cool adventure in the near future, however there may be a possibility to explore a secret paradise at Bukit Timah Hill after school someday.

On a particular morning my school forgot to bring out the snacks for the students to fill their hungry stomach. Ok decided to tolerate till we made it to yishun newly arise Ramly burger @ 1.30pm. Tough luck it was lunch time and many students were buying bubble tea on this sunny afternoon, when it was our turn we ordered " Give me $3.50 lamb and chicken burger". She replied " The double patty one right ? ", we nodded.

The burger size is larger than any of those sold in pasar malam. Because of it's enormous size, the egg is pressed between 2 patty of meat, not the usual style of wrapping the meat with the egg. The burger itself is heavy weight, opening your mouth fully wouldn't contain the whole burger, that means get prepared to dirty your ten fingers.

A hungry man is an angry man explains the shaky image
Check out the hot melting cheese, simply fantastic for any burgers lovers. The lamb meat is soft and tender, doesn't require much effort to chew it, simply melts in your mouth. Accompanied with the very flavored sauce, the combination is absolutely amazing. Worth the starving we been through from 9am to 1.30pm, beats any MCD or overpriced Billy Bomber for value and taste.

Price for overkill burger is $3.50, plus a bubble tea that tallies to $4.30. Plus the friendly service from that jie jie, confirm no regrets. She thought we came down from other areas, finally 1 good food in Yishun other than Chong Pang Nasi which we had gotten so sick of it.

For maximum pleasure, order beef or lamb. Chicken or fish is not recommended as it's deep fried which make it no different from Do And Mi. Go at off peak hours so they can fully concentrate on grilling the meat without the disturbance of primary school xdd and xmm.

Ole Bubble Cafe
Blk 731 Yishun St 72
10.30am to 7pm


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