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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

The Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is Singapore's first and only protected wetland reserve. Home to over 500 species of tropical flora and fauna, the 130-hectare conserved wetland habitat is also a "refuelling point" for birds on the East Asian Australasian Flyway. Carefully constructed hides and boardwalks provide a close-up view of the flora and fauna in the reserve for nature lovers. Situated deep deep deep deep ...(read 100 times deep) inside Lim Chu Kang, the more 无路 the place is, the more elements of surprise await.

This is the only protected wetland reserve in Singapore, you pay 50cents for entry fee to enjoy the nicely laid wooden tracks, taverns built every 200 meters and artificial toilet. Unlike the unprotected wetland reserve like Khatib Bongsu, where you have to conquer the rocky tracks, having the fear of wild dogs ambushing from the forest, doing your business in the wild, but that's what makes an outdoor adventure experience memorable.

Inside the building they have exhibition for visitors which i think would only generate interest for secondary school excursions.

Anyway my main interest for coming here is to look at the scenery of mother nature, a break from the fast tempo urban life. Before you proceed any further please be warned that you are not supposed to poke monkeys with banana, thank you for your cooperation.

No poking or feeding !
Not a sign from the park, just a friendly advice from me

The first bridge to cross before stepping on the holy land


Really awfully muddy

Like strolling in yishun park

The observation hide to view birds.
All birds gone into hiding due to rainy season.

Offers 360 degree viewing pleasure

All green

lalala will love this.

Over at the mini theater they were showing exclusive videos footage made for Sugei Buloh. A good air con relaxing place after walking nearly 8km, one can fall asleep anytime in this cosy environment if not for the video. The one over at ford factory lagi best, big cushion seats with extremely big projector screen, one can't help to think he's at GV gold class !

Sungei Buloh theater, cheap plastic seats

@ Ford Factory, luxurious seats

Toilet for birds usage

Just a quiet place to unwind, holland village or any other coffee joint can slack too but will burn a deeper hole in your pocket, more over the air here is fresher too. If you have an eye for extra details you could catch rare insects or birds and capture them with your camera, i'm still learning to use my budget point n shoot camera. Up next might cover some aspects of basics photography tips, can be applied to camera phone as well. I'm still learning so this might take awhile, alright the intense/climax period for my projects about to come soon, work/play/studies !!!
Study hard, work harder, play hardest ! Tonight go Changi Airport meet 台妹 !!! 我爱台妹 !!!

Byebye =)


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