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Saturday, July 28, 2007

NDP Preview

More pictures soon to be posted up, so tired after holding the camera and shooting throughout the parade. Gotta go for supper first, haven't had my dinner yet !

Surprisingly ended up in Johor Bahru for supper, they served good authentic Nasi Lemak. Alot of Singaporeans cross the borders for a good reason, to pump cheap cheap 97 petrol at half price. That is not including paying $2.60RM and $1.20SGD for the custom entrance fee, and the petrol wasted travelling on their bumpy roads with potential dangerous pod holes. Also the risk of getting rob / rape (applicable to girls only), worth the risk to eat the best nasi lemak ?

The interesting thing is that they only serve Nasi with egg and chicken. Unlike the chong pang nasi that offers a wide variety of ingredients as if they are selling mixed vegetables rice. Although it looks simple but this was the first time i'm tasting the original Nasi Lemak. The chilli was watery, more on the sweet side, so good that you can pour it over like having curry rice.

Noticed that the chicken was done different as it was normally deep fried. The skins were split apart showing the tender meat part. The roasted skin was the best part, abit chao ta like barbecued. Can somebody tell me where to find this kind of simple no fuss Nasi Lemak ? So i don't have to think hard what ingredient to order. Forget about the peanuts and small fried fish, just rice with egg and chicken will do, extra chilli please !

Total Damge $20RM for 3 plates of Nasi Lemak with ice tea.
Location unknown. Thanks mr loo for his ride, in return me and neo pay for the meal and petrol. Back to Singapore looked for Sergent Ricky(my good friend in sec) at the police station, too bad he's not on duty else he could have handle mr loo "stupid" case.

Alright back to where i left, more pictures as promised. Nothing much to comment on the show except that the bloody fireworks had too much smoke ! This year the show clearly demonstrated our how advance our army forces are, an eyeopener for kids and aunties.

If you really love the fireworks then check out the clubsnap forum, pictures taken with DSLR and on a tripod is absolutely lovely. Will you be there on the actual day to catch the even more spectacular fireworks ?


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