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Thursday, August 02, 2007

PF 21st Birthday

Just attended pf 21st birthday party at pasir ris chalet, it was an enjoyable evening we had especially the drinking game and it would never be possible without your generous supply of booze, thank you for making everybody a high and happy man. Your excuse of allergic to alcohol was reasonable, but i feel sorry for you because you are missing one of the best thing on earth.

What a stringent present list you have set for us that made us walked 3hrs just to find something you would appreciate.

The Happy Birthday to Singapore Fan
The mini fan was a gift included in the NDP goodie bag, it cools you and displays some eye candies at the same time. A patch of led is embedded on the blades that lights up in a very precision timing to display out the rotating fonts effect. It's pretty amazing how the engineers from managed to produce such a fascinating toy, considering that it displays different type of message that appears from right to left, left to right etc ... If you are curious about it, i can show it to you and i'm sure it would never fail to impress you.

Her cake was a specially ordered one from sweet recipe, give them a photo of the birthday girl and they will "print" it on the cake. I wonder who would be so cruel to eat up such an innocent young girl.

My classmates, almost like a boys school

The dozen of beer we had drank

The first casualty of the night, hugging the toilet bowl
as if he found his long lost friend.

We were the novice drinkers vs the pro drinkers

Red face like justice bao ?
4/5 class photo
Spot the odd one.

Only managed to catch a short 2 hours nap before reporting to school for lessons at 9am, work comes right after lessons at 1pm

They are always thrilling to watch, feel the vibrations from the ground as they gallop past you. The cheers from the audience gets louder as the horses approach the finishing line, the jockeys whip vigorously and pushing their horse to their maximum limit to beat their opponents for the stakes. Sometimes the horse may win by a nose, results determined by the photo when it's too close to judge. Today might be your lucky day, tomorrow may not, just another typical day at the singapore turf club.


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