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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Awfully Muddy

Starbucks, coffeebean, TCC and coffeclub express, they all serve ang mo coffee but what is the most noticeable difference in them. The up market joints charges 10% + 5% for their premium service and food, of course TCC and coffeclub belong to that class.

Besides serving expensive coffee that almost equivalence to a EVM (mac), they also serve wide range of food and beverages like appetizer, maincourse, desserts. That is why they distinguish themselve from starbucks or coffeebean, a waitress come to serve you rather than picking up your orders from the counter.

I never like to dine in such places for dinner because coffee joints supposed to serve drinks and cheesecakes. Can they whip up a delicious dinner that fully justify for it's price ?

Drinking ang moh coffee once in a while is ok, too much will burn my pocket deep deep.

Introducing an awully sinful dessert which i recommend to be shared by 2 persons, in terms of potion size and the calories. The mud pie is actually a form of chocolate ice cream that stands tall in a pool of rich chocolate fondue.

Muddy Mud Pie

The top layer was sprinkled with fine oreo biscults which further enhanced it's choco taste. Instead of ultra smooth ice cream, i was treated with a frozen texture, like tiny ice cubes embedded in it which provided a crunchy feeling.

My very own way of having it is to use the fork and slice it from top to bottom, then toss it around the chocolate sauce. There it goes, the ice cream fondue !

My friend even made a bet with me if i find it perfect, i would have to give it a treat (for recommendation fee). Absolutely no regrets paying $7 + 1.20(subcharge) for it, but not too often else i would be very broke. Available at all coffeeclub express, but i can guarantee you the experience at Holland Village will be a very satisfying one, maybe they set a high standard as expatriates and SPG frequently hang out there. It would even taste sweeter if you are sharing it with your love ones. I think i will return to holland village in a few weeks time, wine, dine , babes (spg) haha ...

yum yum


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