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Monday, August 20, 2007

Donut Factory Worth The Wait

I admit i used to be skeptical about queuing up an hour to buy food ( not even hawker food ). Take for example having breakfast at my neighbourhood coffeeshop, when the queue at my favourite chee chong fun stall starts to form up, i would rather have a few more slip of coffee to wait for the queue to disperse rather than joining it. Save for standing 1.5hrs like been trapped at a massive jam on CTE, the time and energy wasted, will the donuts really compensate for everything we had sacrificed ?

The last time i had sampled a chocolate donut that had been left stale for 6hrs, my vivid impression on it was that it tasted like ordinary donut from your nearest friendly confectionery shop. From that moment my image on the heavenly donuts were dented and i never thought of having it again.

It was really by fate that i joined into the donuts bandwagon, to think that when i used to mock at the queues for Hello Kitty or famous Bak Kua. Time passes seamlessly while enjoying the smoothing music from the records store and watching passer by office ladies.

Donut Factory passed my stringent taste buds, they would probably be around for another decade if the standards are maintained and soon to be remembered like Killiney Coffee in centuries to come. They are really masterpieces that come out fresh from their live factory production. Consuming it straight from the oven and i guarantee you the WoW factor, more than seeing the ah gua's at Changi Village. Therefore i concede defeat and bow down to their donuts, apologize to ah Seng for the criticism i made in the past.

Carrying the prized possession donuts is becoming a fashion icon in Cityhall, they grabbed more attention from carrying Gucci Bags, heads turn and their are eyes filled with lust and enviousness. Sorry madam money can't buy you donuts, you need time as well, please join the queue and by the way it's 100 meters long.

2 dozens of donuts set me back for $25, my mum thought i bought pizza and was furious to see just donuts. I sincerely hoped that the quality of donuts would pacify her anger. It was good to see that it was enjoyed by my friends, family and neighbour. Don't ask me to queue anymore, I'm suffering from donuts overdosed, however i would still appreciate a piece of Donut Factory if you offer me, not a DOZEN !!!

Lastly a tribute for the end of the army propaganda show.

They only exist in TV shows

There's no free donuts in the world too

Date : 5 October – 7 October
Venue : East Coast Park Car Park E1 (Beside Ski360)
Time : 0900-1700hrs

Will be registering for fun after my projects/exams are over. Anybody wanna pit your driving skills with my team ? I have absolutely zero experience on Go Karting !!!

Devotion Energy looking good, will it really rise to $1 ? Let's see, all the best to hongnehneh, i'm keeping an eye closely.


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