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Monday, September 10, 2007

Hail To HDB Princess

My habit of blogging is that either i don't write at all or post a solid solid one. Whenever i post that means something has happened around me which prompted me to share my views on a particular subject. Last night somebody posted a topic in the forum on " Many sg gals called themselves Princess..

This morning i was chatting with my friend over at East Timor about it, he said SG girls don't go for looks one. If don't go for looks then go for character ? Nah is go for your money or your father's money haha ... When i sent him a chiobu picture and asked him for his opinions, his said "pretty but looks like a material girl to me". Are all pretty babes with thick make up, wears gorgeous dress and lives a lifestyle of shopping, dining at air con restaurant and clubbing, labeled as material girl ? Perhaps my friend had used a bamboo to sink the whole boat ( chinese saying) but can't help to agree that it maybe partially true.

Princess is the new trend to self proclaim oneself as a spoil and pampered babe, demanding beyond they deserved who may not necessary be rich nor stayed in a palace. How do they manage to maintain their high monetly upkeep when most of them don't hold a permanent part time job ? Born pretty has it's benefit, you don't have to work so hard because as a model you just pose for the camera and the tiko pek crowd (working as showgirl). Otherwise getting a regular part time job paying $8/hr wouldn't be enough to justify for their beauty. Maybe they have other source of income but that's up to your imagination to think of, hint is SB forum.

After saying so much, where's the picture ? Apparently princess is not very happy without pictures. Even princess with a gloomy face looks so cute.

Princess love to be fetch around because it's such a waste to wear so pretty yet take public transport. If there's no ah sia kia to fetch them, they would still prefer to flag a cab and paying the full cab fare alone. Take cab alone is very uneconomical unless in a hurry to the closed door mega sale at Mango. Do you ever ever see a chiobu camwhoring in mrt or buses ?

Another popular place to do camwhore are places where there are mirrors, such as changing room in some boutique, end up never buy of course. Toilet is also an ideal place to take picture with their friends because the mirror is so wide that they can form a 黑社會媚妹 gang.

With the introduction of Citi bank no income limit credit card, tertiary students these days will get even poorer, or their parents have to bear the debts for them. I see so many of this kind of advertisement in girls blog, a credit card maybe convenience for parties but is also another great excuse for shopping privileges, earn points and enjoy discounts. 21 years old should be the legal age for applying a credit card because that's when most people step to society to work, apart from those who need to serve NS. Capped at $500 credit, 19 years old xmm cannot buy a Hermes or MiuMiu bag on impulse but still can easily afford guess bags.

Get the most out of debts with clear card

This is the most practical lah ~

Is there really no hope for singapore girls that you have to resort in finding a hardworking malaysian girl ? I'm so glad that my best buddy had gotten a malaysian girlfriend and they looked rock steady. Whatever the case is, you still can get a taste of singapore girls by hugging them at orchard road, that may make you feel comfortable and forget about this cruel society for awhile. The society is ever changing so fast that you never know there are so many dark secrets around us, some which you would shocking and surprised to know ...

Forum Quotes
"Ask them whether they can afford branded goods anot...COME OUT THEIR OWN MONEY . Alot of them like to boast their branded bags when it's either a fake, or someone else buy for them... losers."

there are no princesses here in SG... all dream to be like Paris Hilton liddat, heiress of Hilton hotel chain... in their dreams lah lolol... they got 1% of Paris' total assets first then talk lor =.="

Princess huh?
Well, guess once they had been exposed to the cold, cruel world of reality, they will weep their hearts out."

dunch blames the princesses, blames the cheehongkias who over-pamper thems.
no one pamper them, they dare to be demanding meh?"

Those cheesehong-kia crowned one still okie la..but some sg gals really CMI and even self crowned themselves Princess! Which part like Princess chiu tell me? Princess stay in HDB and take bus and mrt one meh? KNN?!
Princess is the type no need to work...sit at Palace relax and order maids to do things one!"

The above quotes doesn't not represent the views from Euro Techno Go !!!
It funny how they got agitated over the term princess, possible victims of carrot head ?

More at hardwarezone eat drink man woman

PS: Don't fret, there are still some very nice girls around, it's all in the fate. What's your is yours, Love sees no flaw.

小公主 Wake up your idea !!!


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