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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Orchidville- 吃吃飯﹐採採花

Farms in Singapore's countryside are arguably the best kept secret of Singapore's attractions! Try asking people around you if they know of any place that is away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you will get answers like Sentosa, East Coast Park ? Most of the farms that grow fruits, vegetables rear goats/fishes are found in north western part of Singapore, specifically Kranji. Bounded by the land and manpower constraints, farms practise modern intensive farming that suits the tropical climate, plants don't grow on soil anymore, some are even planted in an air con room. Orchidville, the largest orchid farms in Singapore is located just a stone throw away from the Mandai Zoo.

Farms no longer solely concentrate their business on selling plants, setting up a restaurant attracts families who want an alternative dining experience in their unique ecological environment. One of the factors that driver consider is the convenience of getting a carpark lot without waiting too long, best if it's free so they can eat with ease. It's no wonder places such as Bottle tree sembawang and Orchidville Mandai draw crowds from all parts of singapore who don't mind travelling a long way just to eat.

First of all let's take a tour in their orchid garden while it's still early. Please don't anyhow 採花 for your girlfriend, 采购 of potted plant are more than welcome.
"If you don't love an orchid, it will never grow".

Even though land is scarce in singapore, a large plot of land is still used to grow orchids. I thought only cemetery can match it's size and assumed that the demand for our national flower must be quite high, including exporting to other countries as well.

A lake in the garden

Viewing beautiful flowers makes you forget your troubles and worries...
Soiless technology is now possible, they even managed to do without water !

Huge orchid spotted !

Wide range of orchids to choose from their store

Good effort for trying to make this space into a restaurant look like in the wild but there's still far more room for improvement if you compare to the Forest Fare in Singapore Zoo. However the service make up for it to ensure you have a pleasant dining experience.

Their signature dish is the Pork Knuckle Noodle recommended by newspaper and food blogger.
My first time sampling pork knuckle, skipped the fat and oily skin, meat was firm and tasted like chicken meat.

Food was slightly above average, does not charge for service or gst. Recommended for people who have run out of idea to dine with their girlfriends, girls who doesn't mind food isn't top notch as what matters most is the atmosphere. After dinner still can take a scroll under the starry night to the orchid garden. During weekend night they are offering BBQ buffet @ $18 per adult, this sounds like a worthy makan deal to me, what are you waiting for ? Mobilize all your ns butties to chiong their buffet !

Thank you for visiting,
please bring your friends along next time !


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