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Saturday, October 13, 2007

@ Changi Beach

Changi Beach which is located further down Changi Village is another spiritual haunted place like the Sembawang park. Alot of people were killed by the Japanese soldiers at the Changi Beach and Punggol Beach, bodies burned or leave it to decompose. Whatever the case is, this places has become a popular spot for big families to pitch tents and enjoy the weekends. You should generally know the majority of people who i'm referring to, it's not surprising not to see them on a festive saturday here or at the turf club.

Waking up at 5am on a saturday is tough, finding a girl who accompanies you at 5am to catch sunrise is even tougher. she enjoys photography and nature as much as i do. Some either sleep like a pig or live like an owl.

Looks like another disappointing day again with the dark clouds covering the skies, the friday rain didn't clear the clouds completely. Sun rises everyday, chances are plenty but it all depends on sheer luck.

Dancing in the wind

She's happy i'm happy too

advertising at the beach

Follow by more photo shoot at seletar reservoir ... A misty morning turns out to be.

Finally breakfast at Casuarina Curry marked the end of my morning quest.

Time to clarify the future of this blog that has been hovering over the past week, it's certainly time to move on to something fresh. I'm looking forward to a joint partnership with another fellow eccentric blogger to produce articles. The 2 of us will discuss about current issue, maybe each of us standing on different ground firing missiles against one on another. Currently he's still waiting for me to set up a proper platform, a possible .com domain ... you guys just have to wait awhile more =) See ya around !


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