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Monday, October 22, 2007

Rainy Night @ JB

Don't be mistaken that strictlyeuro has turned into a personal blog like any other xmm who blog about having "exotic" dinners ( Swensen or Sakae Sushi ?) plus lots of cam whoring with girlfriends or boyfriends. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but nothing good as well, for i prefer to read blogs that focus more on the intellectual topics rather than "oh my boring personal life" complete with food pictures they dined out, didn't ya mama tell you not to waste your calories on yucky food ?

Currently i'm undergoing this transition period to prepare myself for studies as well as new blog. Work has already begun on the other hand, it will expectedly be quite slow in the progress as i'm the only one doing design graphics which even xmm can pawn be with their skills. In the meanwhile i shall blog about nonsensical stuff, making the most out of it.

Last night many of you may choose to stay at your comfort home in that kind of cosy weather, i got called out twice in the night, it was by then 2am i reached home =/ Something i noticed very unusual with the skies, did UFO landed there or some phenomenal activities being conducted ?

5th level

10th level
Incinerator was the cause

Back to Johor for supper again, simply the best Nasi Lemak in Singapore and JB. Sorry if that makes you drool, especially to bifang who kept saying look nice leh, i wan ... even when she has no appetite for it.

Took pics of him holding a chopper
Hope i didn't offend him
arhh that's me with sleepy eyes

Something is very wrong with either Mr loo vehicle or his driving habit. It was 3 quarter full tank upon entering the custom, after which he demonstrated in JB how his civic was a sucker for petrol, flooring his accelerator everytime he could. In no time it was almost empty, applauded his effort for giving us a hell ride on JB bumpy road traveling at max speed.

Beggar at the custom is "uncommon"

Thank you Mr loo for the fabulous treat to JB, whereas somebody rejected our invitation to enjoy his accompany with girlfriend in the rain, soaked wet, dish dish ... Reached home chatted on msn with bifang until 3.30am, getting to know her is proving to be unhealthy, i'm so not used to staying late nights, my project mates know me best.

Gonna catch Pleasure Factory with bifang, fortunately she doesn't mind r21 show at all, stay tuned for my reviews ! November will be a busy month, work and project all come crashing at the same time, on the other hand new blog waiting for me to be launch... need helpers !


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