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Friday, October 19, 2007

I See Red

Early in the morning my friend asked me to accompany him for a change of new hairdo. I do understand that the process of colouring hair is a long and boring one, the only thing that keeps you occupied is reading the old school Lau Fu Zi "老夫子"/doremon comics while slipping through complementary Yeo's packet drink.

Having a friend by your side will make your dying (of hair) process enjoyable, no wonder Tai Tai like to come hand in hand to gossip about everything under the sun while perming hair etc... Those who come alone would take the opportunity to show off their wealth to the Malaysian hair stylist through the conversation.

My mum said i cut hair equal no hair cut

Little did i expect we ended up at REDS hair salon, it should be consider one of the up market joints to me at least $$$ . I wasn't really preparing myself for a haircut but looking at myself having a bad hair day, it's time for a good trim. After everything was nicely done up, the bill was presented to us and our face really turned RED, not that we were flattered by the price. It's lucrative business to charge high price for a 10mins haircut + 5mins washing + 1min styling, the money could have provided me at least several months hair cut at my friendly neighbourhood hair salon. The money difference could probably due to the fact that they hired pretty hair stylists that make you come back for more, however i was assigned to a metro sexual looking male stylist =(

They served Japanese tea here.

Our friend Joan happened to work as a promoter around the area so we popped by Watson to say hi to her. Don't you think that she resembles a taiwan pop diva ? Maybe she can posed off as Jolin Tsai sister, does Jolin even has a younger sister ?

In the future everything from strictlytechno to strictlyeuro contents will be concatenated to a brand new website together with new articles from me and my joint partner. Basically it will cover almost everything so that's alot of setting up work to be done. Our aim is to create one of the hottest website in the year 2008, sounds exaggerated but it's always nice to dream :) Combining my creativity with his writing skills, there's nothing that cannot be done. Watch out for that !


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