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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunshine Empire

Personal feelings of Uncle Ah Seng about Sunshine scam.

The stage has been set, welcome to the lion concert !

Recently, a poly good friend of mine, asked me to attend a so-called be your own fucking boss talk with him. I had this idea that it would be an mlm, but since this fucker is one guy I regarded as a guy whom I respect and has some business sense, I went to his company.

It turns out to be Sunshine Empire, where they show you totally unbelievable stuff and 60 % guarantee profits in 10 months plus a lot more benefits, which I am sure the reader already knew it is total crap. Why borrow cash from us when they can borrow from a bank, even an idiot will know it is a ponzi scam.

Now the ugly side is here. My “pal” is an uncannily smart dude and extremely likeable in poly, and anyone with 1/2 a brain the size of a walnut knows that the cock-eyed James plang is definitely up to no good. But why did the smart guy fall for this scam. The possibilities are endless; the less sinister one is that this guy really believes in the fucktard and wanted me to make money with him. However, this is very unlikely as he isn’t that dumb, and I pointed out too many fucking loopholes in his proposal.

your money is OVER THERE !
Inside your upline pocket !

The “pal” also roped in another one of his good friends from sunshine, and personally, if I had to choose between saving his friend and Osama bin laden, I would save the latter. His friend reminds me of a unpleasant animal, a rat, trying to savage the remains of carcasses. Naturally I didn’t show much interest and wanted to talk to end asap. My “pal” after which knowing I have no trust in him at that point, took out a signed form, which has the signature of another friend, saying that since she trusted him, and the company, she signed it, and she is not dumb. After reaching home, I called my female friend, and learned that she asked him not to submit the form at all, as she was having 2nd thoughts, which the fucker happily choose to omit the fact.

Judging from what evidence was presented, I concluded that this “pal” of mine, just wanted to earn money off me, and to think I trusted him. He isn’t dumb for sure, but he sold his sold to the devil.

The devil is busy arranging dollar notes
All your money shall be mine !

“the difference between a Friend and a Fiend is just the letters in between” -think about this

And to JAMES PLANG and JACKIE HOO CHEAT, for changing my pal to a money hungry bastard who will not hesitate to cheat his friends, and thus lack moral ethics, I hope with all my heart that you break your legs and survive for the next 70 years.

Euro Techno Go thoughts

Thank you ah seng for sharing his unpleasant experience with MLM company, it makes his blood boil when it comes to mentioning of get rich scheme fast by JP. Sunshine empire is already his 4th attempt on MLM strategy, many people are not aware that his past failure has lost so much of the investors money. Unfortunately human often blinded by greed, choose to get rich fast by throwing money buying GP hoping it would grow few times larger, promised by the company no matter how bad the financial is.

In sunshine empire, the members doesn't have to sell products to earn commission. It works by deceiving parent's hard earn money into the company, follow by fellow friends and colleagues. To start the ball rolling, one must buy a GP that cost 11k and they will get their returns month by month. Basically it's throwing money into the whirlpool, all suck in by the top management of the company.

get your returns by cheque
bounce or not is another problem

Fancy of earning 5 digits income and driving a luxury BMW at the age of odd 20 ? Darn i have not even ridden a bmw before let alone driving it ! You can achieve by start persuading the people around you to become your "ka kia", then relax sit back and start counting the money. Don't have to worry about the stock market or company performance, even they are clueless about the company ongoing project. Never invest in a business model which you don't understand.

Car never fails to attract babes

What is the purpose of showing your wealth to everybody ? To convince people that actually the business can help you strike rich ? To attract more people to become your downline, at the same time claiming that you can help them achieve what you have too. Same old tactics are always used at the seminar, flaunting the success of young executives, spreading the motto "i can you can too."

wah 10 thousand dollar !

Borrow money from loansharks to create delusion ?

Typical zhabor pattern
LV wallet and ladies card.

My assets are not something proud of compared
to the above.

The panic button has been pressed

Currently the commercial affairs departments has poked their nose into the company to make sure they ain't up to monkey business like the last few times. If CAD clears their name then ah seng and me would really be left speechless, let's hope that the uncles aunties can get back their money before their head elopes to matland. Even my city harvest friend find them a total nonsense, worshiping the boss looking him upon father. Since when did MLM become a form of religion, doesn't make sense at all, no wonder they say money is the root of all evil.

Read my friend account with them at the expo conference here.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and see if heaven will do justice to the one eye cock.

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You bery the "Du" curse him that to sufer till 70 years old. I would prefer for him to dance on the stage his whole life till 70 years old for FREE

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