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Sunday, November 11, 2007

President @ STC

Nothing much has been going on lately except revolving around work and studies. Currently the tight project schedule and busy job doesn't permit me to idle for a day to seek out for a short escapade to utopia. Even if there is free time, i would be @ home slacking as my adventure clan has more or less dispersed into the thin air. Oversea study, accompanying girlfriend, work, exams, busy as a bee they might seem, the old times where we get together might seen impossible nowadays. As we gradually stepped into adulthood, more responsibility and challenges await to be undertaken, there is not much room for us to engage in activities which in the past we enjoyed doing so much.

Manage your time effectively, i believe there is always ways to squeeze out time for whatever stuff you wanna do. If there's really not enough time due to work commitment then sleep less lah, men slept their time one third away which is so wasteful to your life. Spend less time with your girlfriend, who knows in the future you may get bored with her when she becomes your wife ? Devote more time to your brothers lah, only brothers are forever, this is a clear message sending out to ... !!!

Everyday dish dish not good for you hor !

Did anybody said that libraries are obsolete because everything you needed can be found on the internet ? To me library is cool, national library especially is equipped with all the information you ever needed, the hardworking university babes attracts too =)

Nice scenery

Today is a significant day in Singapore Turf Club, the president was here to witness a prestigious race which has a long history. The prize money of the race is $1.35mil, second highest in all of singapore races. He did not come to gamble, at least that wasn't his primary objective i'm sure, the cup race collaborate with charity event to raise money for 20 odd ogansisation, renci wasn't in it. His excellency received $1mil from STC on behalf of the beneficiary, they should thank the uncles aunties for patronizing turf club, putting money into coffers every week.

It was so crowded at the race course that i couldn't catch a proper glimpse of our dear president.

you might pick up a pair of used goggles if you are lucky

The winning horse marching the turf

Lastly end of the day came a surprise, i was promoted to junior supervisor, backup supervisor, supervisor of CBL (do nothing in hokkien) department, what ever you wanna call it. The first person to know the news was Bifang, turned out that she surprised me as well by telling me that she's working as a promoter for LG phone, sex sells huh ? Work is okay but hope she doesn't neglect her already neglected studies haha. She at first thought i won big bucks but seriously i preferred to win big money than promotion heh heh. Pay rise cannot match with cold hard cash, ever...

Taking up task of supervisor puts me in a rather difficult situation, everybody maybe seen with a smiling face congratulating/supporting, you never know what's in their mind thinking about ...
Working environment is forever so political one, i will act blur and swim through all the obstacles, do my job and go home !

they bite

After weekend work, it's back to studies again, come weekend the cycle repeat again. I need to break out of this no life cycle soon, December school holidays, christmas will be a good timing for me to get back my old selves again as well as resume my new blog project.


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