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Saturday, December 22, 2007

No Spice No Muffin

What an awkward way to kick off our glorious sunday morning for the hunt of good food when we are usually still lying on our bed. Donuts has been in the limelight lately until we got sick of it so it's time for a change in appetite. In down to earth hawker centre you wouldn't expect to find confectionery stall that sells muffins which usually are only available at bistro or cafe. Words get spread around fast in Singapore, especially good food when we are known to be gluttonous.

You may heard of it's name before, Chocolate n Spice, rest assured that there are no spices to ruin the fragrance taste of muffins. That's the question i got asked when i surveyed friends if they had tasted it before. Shunfu mart is situated around Marymount where the construction of circleline is, many people might have overlook it as it's quite hidden.

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Wet market on the ground level
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Hawker on level 2
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Oh no they are not opened, what a major turnoff on a sunday morning. On the internet it stated that it's closed on monday and wednesday, i wonder how many people like us kena smoked to come all the way down to find a closed shutter ?

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Happened that my cousin runs a stall here, at least i make my trip here worthy with a free bowl of Loh Mee. Still that can't hide the disappointment of my missing muffins, no christmas muffins for my friends out there !

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Will be back again soon for revenge, gotta report for work now. Ah seng singtel t-shirt is cool huh !

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