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Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Ratatouille Year

Normally you would expect bloggers to post few lines of Chinese New Year greeting message during this festive season. Mine came a little late but nevertheless i wish everybody a joyful and prosperous ratatouille year to come.

It's my year, oh no i'm already 24 !

Woke up in the morning to realize it's no extraordinary like other days, there is no mood in the air for celebration. Routinely went to Grandma house to update your relatives on your current status and future plans ... No longer excited over the amount of ang baos received, think about the old days when i would fascinated over counting dollar notes on my bed in the night. Everybody gotta agree that CNY has gradually lost it's significant, maybe many years down the road people might stop celebrating CNY then i can skimp on ang bao money to kids haha.

Had a gathering with the ghost haunting members at the famous dating place for couples, kent ridge park. The road that leads to the park is called 99 bend (Gao zup Gao Wan), a popular track for rookies motorbikers to test their newly acquired license skill here. To be exact there are only 13 "wai" to corner, how on earth does it gets it name 99 bend i'm not very sure. Had a difficult time to negotiate the turns with 5 adults packed into the mini pikachu, and i don't have the habit of slowing down to 30km/hr to turn and accelerate again.

Night scenery from Kent Ridge Park overlooking west coast

Real tank on exhibit !

ah beng Subaru driver shawn behind the camera

Run run take cover !

Supper at the popular Niqqi Cheese prata shop
where lots of NUS student patronized

Chef speciality Niqqi special cheese prate

Filled with egg, cheese, potato ...
Prata has evolved into pizza !

Heh that's about it, i don't think i will spend much time on blogging in the near future. If there's update then good lah, this should be by far the least effort post ever to be posted online. Byebye !


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