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Friday, January 25, 2008

Gillman Village

With the rapid development of society, villages seems to the IN thing for people to escape from the bustle of city life, a laid back place out of town to relax for a weekend retreat. It is only until recent years where such concept become popular to lure winers and diners who are espcially particular about the ambience. Gradually more of such places are opened up, there are Tanglin Village (dempsey hill), holland village, Bottle Tree Village, Rochester park and the soon to be revamped Sunset Way.

If you are looking for a leafy surrounds that makes you go wow, "Am i in Singapore ? ". Then the above places might disappoint you, Tanglin village has undergone an extreme makeover that it has lost partial of it's old school colonial flavour, and crowds have been flocking to this new lifestyle hub making it a little too buzzing for my liking. Don't be deceived by the name Holland Village, basically it just a cluster of bars and bars highly associated with Ang moh and SPG, does it even look like a village ? Bottle tree village is now a favourite place for family, business is brisk always, kids like to run around treating it like a playground. Whereas upmarket Rochester park would probably burn a huge hole in your pocket... no no.

Lock Road
Car park with height restriction.
Thank god it's not a 黄金路 gantry

Into the forested narrow lane at lock road which can be easily overlooked, you would find an enterprise of assorted FnB outlets down the hill. One of the most prominent building is Villa Frangipani which is more commonly known as Little Bali, provides services like spa, seminar events, wedding functions and private parties. Picky diners would not have a problem settling down a place to makan here, choose from 5 eateries that offer an exclusivity and privacy for a great chill out session.

Over at one of the outdoor village restaurant called the Bali Jimbaran, you would find yourself immersed in the world of little bali island. Traditional Balinese huts are built on a platform, with Balinese style chair to complete the decoration. Their service was prompt too which is something i would not expect from the locals, singaporeans need to learn how to serve with a passion from the foreigns. Food wise is above average, at an affordable price tag i couldn't complain much.

Thai platter enough to for two
BBQ Red Snapper


*Pardon for the pictures taken with K770i and N95, they have proven to be an ineffective solution for nightshoots. If you are looking for a decent night shot handphone camera please look else where...

Gillman Village was originally a British camp during the world war II, it was later renamed as Gillman camp and became the headquarter for the singapore combat engineers. Therefore don't be surprise if the run-down buildings resemble like over those at the Jurong camp. Right at the end of the road there is a bar for the bike enthusiasts, the name for the bar is a cheeky one.

A bar for the bikers, nothing wrong for bikers to get together for a chat but what is the point of going to the bar without booze ? Not sure if they have discipline over drink riding, bar for bikers sounds like a double edge sword, how ironic it is ... Maybe they have accumulated enough drinking experience over the years to overcome the alcohol influence and ride, unlike those young punk who wants to get high and drive to impress chicks at the clubs.

Meet the hardcore uncles, bikers must dress in black
cool man !

There have been plenty of accidents lately
you wouldn't want to be part of them

First project presentation coming on Friday, may i proudly present my team custom designed advance encryption standard that is used by the US government to safeguard national data. Still not yet complete so gotta buck up abit on the next week, still pondering should i go for a job interview on tuesday ... That's about it, the next topic is already churning in my mind, political based that might not interest you ha.


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