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Saturday, April 12, 2008

@ The Old Turf Club

Resemble Ferrari logo ?

The old turf club at Bukit Timah still holds many fond memories for the old-timers. It has been around 10 years since the move to kranji turf club. In the past when it's still a Club, the incentives were much more better, part timers could easily take home few thousand dollars by sellings tickets, and at that era of time it was considered quite a sum. Then the government took over the club and changed it's name to STC. That's when the time things started to change, staff had to undertake pay cut and reduced allowance. Maybe part of the cut cost went to donate charity, government has a share of it as well.

The modern race course

Once a race track, now an outgrown field

After the club was transfered to Kranji, turf city transformed into a seafood mall and auto emporium. Things never really get heated up in turf city, it's like residing in a secluded location which many singaporeans has forgotten about it, except those rich families who stay around that area.


When we were pursuing degree that time, Bifang wanted to organise a mini class outing to the famous Ah Yi seafood restaurant. She said the food is affordable and only cost around $10+ per pax and we get to enjoy seafood that includes fish, prawn, vegetables. That day never came, i still remembered how she furiously stormed off from turf city because of the class indecisiveness to choose a dining place.

Today i heed her advise to try out the food at the restaurant, it does cost $10 per pax with a trailing zero behind, not so much lah but almost there. Suddenly i remembered you mentioned that your father has some dealings with the boss thus can enjoy the special offer, it's a pity that the class sits out that chance.

Braised shark fin soup, Buddha jumps over the wall

Deep fried Alaska crab, Stewed abalone

Special fried rice, Hashima



A peek at evo X engine @ the car mart.


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