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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bloody hell had a weird dream on the night after i caught stardust. It was a conspiracy plan mastermind by one of my friend, on how he managed to make that terrorist (no need to mention name) disappear into thin air. Goosh must relate the theory to him when he comes back at month's end. Incredibly ridiculous that cannot be told here haha... Plenty of stuff lining up at mth's end hmmm...

Let's punish Kastari ! Flash loading may take awhile, but it's worth the wait !

Like girls always say in their blog, let the pictures do the talking.

Good Friday celebration dinner with colleagues @ Jalan Teck Whye. Will post their picture at month end appreciation dinner.

A better way to spend my saturday evening watching Stardust, thank you peeps for asking me out to accompany you shopping at cityhall/p.s but no thanks. p.s i'm sick lah.

How come stardust is a romance flick ?
Very far off from what i thought as L.O.T.R
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Won't go wrong with these 2 heh...
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Just discovered a new gene of prata called BOMB CHEESE only sexclusively available @ Prata House (thomson) i supposed. Described as the nastiest shit i ever tasted, darn it's been a while since prata has given me any surprises... Kyle are you reading this ? Go get it but it's awfully wicked, you have been warned ( of it's sextremely high sugar content ). Now i know the reason why i can't sleep in the night and fall sick on the following day.

Next on my visit list.
MacRitchie reservoir treetop walk
Botanic Garden
Tanjong Rhu
Punggol Park

Do you know Punggol Nasi Lemak is actually located in Hougang
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Ah seng like it pretty much so you can trust his words
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Hope to round them up in 1 day, i can foresee it will be an amazing race. Big 4 show down on sunday, be sure not to miss that !

Go liverpool beat the hell out of ManU !


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