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Monday, March 31, 2008

Chill Out @ Rail Mall

Had a chill out session at the Rail Mall with the gang before zixi embark on his journey to Brunei for his OCS course. Plenty of complains from him about the tough training in OCS, hope he can endure for the remaining 6 months to be commissioned.

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A train station in the past, the rail mall offers a variety of wine and dining bistro experience. Not all are high class bars and cafe, there are 24hr Ah mei kaya toast and minced meat noodle for the budget hungry souls. Craving for a cup of frappuccino in the late night ? The Coffee Bean operates until 2am on Friday, but i don't advise anybody to drink coffee at such hour, getting difficultly to sleep is painful.

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Zixi me benson
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Not forgetting relle my techno khaki
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Quiet street
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More short updates soon...


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