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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dim Sum @ Red Star

Read from right

Looking for authentic Cantonese Dim Sum to satisfy your demanding taste bud ? Look no further, Red Star is one the oldest traditional Dim Sum Restaurant that serve high standard of food that will fully justified for the price. It needs no advertisement, spreading by word of mouth is the reason why it's always filled with crowd over the weekend.

What's a better way to kick off your glorious sunday with a cup of piping hot tea and steaming congee ? It's really a luxury to take your time to enjoy a decent branch and taking a break from work. To add experience to dining, you must keep a lookout for the for the Dim Sum carts that are being pushed around. It's an interesting sight to see people chasing after Dim Sum carts for the items they want, if you do not make a move chances are the items might be gone before it even reach your table !

Soft Cripsy egg tarts

Push Cart Dim Sum

It just gets busier

What makes it even unique is the location, it is located at the 7th floor carpark at block 54 Chin Swee Road. The Dim Sum are not to be missed, even Ang moh are loving it !


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