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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedding of Jack & Gina

Arrr i totally forgot about the Night Festival @ National Museum, it would have been a more enriching way to spend a saturday night in the Museum, than to watch sexy ladies performing pole dancing in one of the lounge along the sleazy streets in Tanjong Pagar. Ok it's not just about skimpy ladies dancing, there is also live band who rock the house doing the One Night In Beijing Gig.

Write up on the exploration will follow up soon, be patient and keep your fingers crossed !

Ezy 50 @ Neil Road.
Have you ever wondered why they always like to add a One in front of the name, One Raffles Quay, One Fullerton, One Robinson Quay, One Marina Boulevard ... Sure it sounds nice as Number One ! How about opening a stall and call it One Ton Mee ( wanton mee ) ?

Rainy weather has made things extremely difficult for us to navigate, will be back when the sun is shining brightly.

Here are some photos taken at the shotgun wedding otherwise keep reading my forest expedition journal also can get quite boring right ? For the fans of such post, good news for you. The next trip we will be heading to dungeons in search of the legendary dragons, join us for more adventures next week !

Dinner at Civil Servant Club

Jack with his forever egotistical smile

Just the 5 of us at the table
Eat till we drop !

me, bird and loo

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like her

Handmade photoframe by miss "so what"
zai right ?

Earlier post i mentioned that i will be going overseas to work, that's a lie fabricated by me. Surprisingly no one fell for it except for one gullible friend of mine despite knowing me for 10 years haha. For the clueless friends out there, i will be working in a government R&D agency as a humble engineer. In the meantime enjoy while it last, the future of the blog will be decided again when the time comes.

Almost time's up for horse racing ):


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