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Monday, August 25, 2008

Peiyin Birthday Celebration

Today after work caught up with my charlie angels to celebrate Peiyin birthday, haven't seem them for quite awhile, miss them so much XD

Dinner at Kyoto Sabo AjiTei as suggested by the birthday girl, food turned out to be supremely good ! The presentation of the food was so nice that we kept taking pictures MUAHAHA !!!

As usual let the pictures do the talking =D

Left the place as a very satisfied customer, it's one of the best omelette rice i ever had ! But we are not done yet, dessert will complete the wonderful evening >.<
Hey girl u r 1 yr older haha !
Take my phone dun want to return me =/

snap snap
the trio
oh wells,
gonna head to bed.
eye bags forming.
dark circles appearing.
this is CRAZY!

much loves

I did my best to blog like the rest of the majority out there, do you all prefer to read this kind of blog posting instead ? Well it's no longer the old days where i can deliver detail writeup on exploration or ghost hunting, seems like i have to let go the past and lead a new kind of lifestyle. If i can't maintain the standard of the contents here then i don't see the point to continue blogging on strictlyeuro anymore. Well i should hang out with the girls more often than to stake out ghost at "haunted" places.


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