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Friday, August 15, 2008

Eat All U Can @ Dallas Chicken

Can't get enough of KFC secret recipe fried chicken ? Look no further, Dallas Chicken can satisfy your addiction without burning a hole in your wallet. With the soaring food prices, a simple 2 piece chicken meal at KFC will set you back for $6.40 and adding additional piece of chicken cost a whopping $8.40.

When your luck is really down, you get 2 piece of shrunken lukewarm chicken that are drumstick and breast meat, worst combination ever. Probably the ginnah(teenage) over the counter didn't like your face or you are running on bad luck. However over at dallas chicken, every piece of chicken whether you like it or not (most likely to be gobble up) are guarantee to enter your stomach because if you do not wastages will be charged.

Whack Ah !

Introducing fast food buffet, first of it's kind to take off in Singapore, you pay just a mere of $12 and enjoy free flow of fast food junk food ! Now that's something to rejoice for fast food fans, order all the fried chicken, fries, onion rings and nuggets all you want. Burgers and chicken roti prata are limited to 1 order only, and the buffet comes with a can of drink without ice, very unfair to buffet chiongers.

To kick off we ordered 6 wings, 9 piece chicken, 1 chicken roti prata, fries, onion rings and 12 nuggets to feed 3 hungry souls. Apology for the poor pictures because our hands were too oily to handle the camera heh ...


Nuggets and onion ring, holding roti prata wrap

Beside serving your favourite regular fried food, they also have pizza but i doubt anyone should risk for that. If you are not going for the kill, set meals are readily available at $5.50 for 2 pc chicken meal, substitute coleslaw and whipped potato with fries. Well i believe the only reason to be here is to fill up your very empty stomach, settle no less than the buffet !

Can't get enough of it !

TDK is advertised on the wall

Before i forget to mention the location, they are situated at Upper Cross Street near Eu Tong Sen Street. Buffet spree starts from 3pm to 6pm, not sure about weekend. The juicy and tender chicken gets my thumbs up recommendation, especially love the tweeny spiced wings served piping hot. There's a saying in horse racing, dallas chicken no horse chicken run ! Another thing to include, thank you lalala for the fabulous treat, location is suggested by none other than me =)

Walked a couple of steps down the street to counter the oily friend food we had, sweets for the treats ! The most premium item in the dessert store, bird nest @ $28. For that price can buy half a dozen from NTUC i guessed ? This round is hongnehneh treat, haha i'm so blessed with friends around me like them.

All the joy and fun (horse name on ticket) in turf club will come to an end this month. Good bye horse racing and all my friendly colleagues, been a pleasure working with the kind one's, as for the wicked one i plan to screw them before i leave heh... given my "authority".

Even Jamie Yeo is loving it !

Congrats to Team Singapore for making into the finals, securing at least a silver medal for us ! I Love Ping Pong <3

Dungeons and Dragons Part II ... (to be continued)


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