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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Work @ Science Park

Some of you out there have no idea where is Science Park and even mistaken it as Singapore Science Centre... Similar to the international business park, whereby it serve as a hub to house all the technology companies to do R&D. For a park lover like me, it's a great fortune to work in a organisation located in Science park, except that the travel distance really puts me off, otherwise no complains on the environment and shuttle buses transport.

Imagine working in the heart of shenton way, the super fast pace walking speed and uniquely tissue reservation system to chop seats in the food court will only increase my blood pressure !

Hopefully yp can pass his interview and join me on the hectic journey to science park, bo bian for our love one's, what to do ? And coincidentally my girlfriend is working in International Business Park, but it's miles away from Science Park !

For your laughter, please.



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