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Monday, September 08, 2008

Buckaroo !

My life isn't complete without you, can you fill up the missing puzzle ?
Happy birthday to myself. Feeling a little tipsy right now at 1am and i'm suppose to wake up at 630am for work heh.

Now it's in good hands i suppose

Happy Birthday to strictlyeuro ! Age is catching up already, i am no longer a carefree student who can afford to waste time on bo liao adventures. Also the fact that everybody reminding me getting 1 year older is so demoralizing. Anyway age is just numbers, what matters most is the way you perceive things and live your life, it would be so meaningless to do the same thing everyday and when you grow older there's nothing even worth remembering.

Since the girls wanted to give a birthday treat, i purposely picked a location that's way out of town so they can't do any shoppings after dinner and we can go home straight. They are also not very keen to take a walk in Sembawang Park too heh. Buckaroo is a restaurant located ulu at Andrew's avenue, the surroundings are all private estate and not much people know of it's existence despite the excellent food served. By the way Andrew avenue is somewhere near Sembawang park, the same road that leads to Bottle Tree Village (not khatib one), not at all far from Yishun.

Outdoor dining

Indoor is brightly lit

Root Beer Float in boots !

Kawaii lah

Buffalo wings also known as hot wings originated from USA city Buffalo. It is one of their signature dish and consist of hotness level 1 to 10, sadly all the girls cannot take level 2 onwards. But i know of someone who eat chilli without breaking a sweat, Tiffany ! Come back next time for level 10 !!!!! For the super hardcore one there's level 28 apparently served at Seletar Sunset grill & bar, another super ulu restaurant that requires transport.

Level 1 no kick lah, but the girls are complaining hot hot hot...

Clam Chowder aka soup in bread

Pork ribs, vittles @ sembawang cottage still the best

need i explain ?

Group pic !

The stuff here are kinda expensive even though there's no extra charges, shall spare them some mercy by ordering sufficient food. But thanks girls, anyway i deserved it heh ! Gonna have more dates in the next few days, i'm expecting my presents from lalala and hongnehneh. Give me my mug and memory card ! Celebration will end with a bang, Dinner and Dance at Meritus Mandarin on Friday woohoo !

Bought mooncakes already ? Luckily there's a fair at DSO offering discount up to 30%, this box from Oriental Mandarin cost $38.50, there's also Marriott hotel, goodwood park, Meritus Mandarin etc... Raffles hotel mooncake selling at $36 only, sorry to TJH never help you buy !


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