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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

@ Reservist

May i dedicate this IPPT silver award to my dearest tiffany, who gave me words of encouragement such as, sleep early, drink more water, dun eat chilli, got banana eat banana and bREAthe O2 ... therefore i am able to achieve my best result since ORD. Not forgetting my bunkmate did a great job to pace me as well, and he wasn't even participating in IPPT due to his pending status !

Don't get me wrong, i'm still in the midst of my week long reservist. It is a good break from work and girlfriend, with the accompany of bunch of hilarious campmates cracking dirty jokes everynow and then. Especially we keep poking fun on a high school teacher, like how can he not resist the temptation from sweet young thing (SYT) while teaching etc !

Heh reservist is really one hell experience, shiok lah, driven with power of love! The incentive from IPPT will come in handy for tifi birthday : )


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