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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Repost : The Old Mental Hospital

As a past avid ghost hunter in the past, we are proud to visit one of the scarcest spot ever exist in Singapore. Unlike common favourite ground like Old Changi Hospital or Red house, the old mental hospital is seldom mention in internet or forum. The lack of information has made the place even mysterious, most people could only speculate the location and history in the cyberspace.

My visit to Old Mental Hospital in year 2007 has spurt discussion in a popular local forum, which leads to my blog link here. The topic is occasionally brought alive by curious reader, though many are not aware of the latest development of the Hospital. For your information, the hospital is now renamed as View Road Dormitory, housing hundreds of foreign worker making it far from being haunted. I only discovered this about 2 months ago when i revisited the place in the middle of the night, who would expect my gang end up drinking soft drinks in a cafe located at the entrance. So there you go, a re-run of a memorable ghost haunting adventure conducted by Strictlyeuro, setting us apart from ordinary.

Originally posted in June 07
How can we do without a ghost hunting operation in our school holidays ? I promised my members to do one power pack one to make up for the past "failure" outings (not scary). As the organizer, i by chance stumbled upon this forgotten realm, a rare gem discovered that i guarantee almost nobody has ever heard of it before.

According to wikipedia,View Road hospital is located at Admiralty Road West, Woodlands, Singapore.It used to be a mental hospital, started in 1977. No other information is disclose, so not sure how long has it been vacant. As usual i as the organizer, has do all the back end stuff like arranging for transport, prepare torches/camera, fix a timing and meeting point. Total of 7 members were activated, all ready and set to go @ 12am. A special note is wen came back from Aus just in time, rizal joined us for the first time to experience our ghostly trip, (but who end up sending him home @ boon keng at 3am zzz)...

Without further delay, introducing the OCH successor ( since OCH will be gone soon), the view road hospital at view road in woodlands ! Kinda anticipating for eerie screams or unknown noises in the hospital, will we get something finally what we always wanted ? Sightings...

Before the trip i made a phone call to my dear policeman friend to find out the consequences of trans passing. He told me at most would be given a warning, also beware of the security cameras installed at the place, why did he know so much. That's because he caught people when the security guard called the police. Alright gotta make this quick before the authority are notified.

Climbing a slope before reaching. No lights at all.

Oh no a spike gate.

Got loophole over here !

The photographer took the first step so i can sexpose u all

Welcome to view road hospital

Does it looks like OCH ?

@ the corridor

Seeing this place really excites us, it was huge ! The darkness, the atmosphere, it's been a long time since we had a good one, especially the night we were only armed with 2 torches. One leading and the other one covering the back, i gotta worked hard snapping all the photos. Let the pictures do all the explanation.

States admission/ enquiries

Found the stairs leading to new level, something awaits us

The Mural Painting

What the hell is the creepy painting do here, where's the missing half ? The question mark resembled ANYTHING aka WHATEVER. Who itchy hand added the ? should deserved a smack in the ass. Noticed the 2 pale white gays at the bottom right, that did caught a few members unexpectingly...

Carried on with the stairs
Safety netting fitted to prevent patients jumping down
One of the dark alleys, waterhose
being pulled across down the block.
Looking across the building
It's a U shape structure

Here we were at the roof access which was 4 storey high. I'm standing closely to the edge taking photographs.

Crayon !
Vandalizing can be seen everywhere, seems like those idiots love to leave their name behind on every darn wall. The worst scenario would be spotting drug addicts and chasing you with needles in hand. Maybe next time we should carry some sort of weapon for self defense just like we versus the botak man in East Coast.

The highest point where you can see the night scenery.

The illusion
About 300 meters away from the spot we were standing, we saw a small house build on a hill top. It was isolated and the surrounding was just plains. We thought we saw an imaginary path/stair leading to it which was in fact not due to the lightning. It really looked like a floating magical path leading you to the house, camera cant capture it. It was just our eyes playing trick, believing the false path will lead you to jumping down 4th storey, that was why we don't stand less than 1 meter from the platform, in case of an unexplainable force pushing you down.

The house was there, we gonna figured out how to gain access to the hill top after we got down from the roof. Up next, our ears playing trick on us.

On our way down we explored more rooms.

you wouldnt want to use the toilets
Some doors were closed ...
Wen kick opened to see what's inside...

What Noise

We were inside one of the rooms beside the stairs, just when the gang was happily chatting away. 3 of us heard weird noises, I heard coughing, the other heard people talking, last guy heard something (don't know what). Immediately we maintained silence for a minute to observe the surrounding... Nothing but owl calling, it was tense for awhile. Ok all clear must be ears playing trick, proceeded down the stairs... Did i really hear a loud continuous coughing ?

At ground level, the waste drainage

Weird looking tree

Friend Or Foe
When we were about to head for the stand alone house on the hill top, we saw couple of lights flashing. It's either the police coming for us or other explorers, so we laid low for the moment, observing the situation. Moved along the corridor, minimized our noise and communicate in signals. During the observation we noticed the used of flash lights, confirmed it's not the police so we decided to frighten them.

Since they didn't see us ( only our cars parked at the gate ), 2 members stationed at the building while the rest evacuated first. Brave yp and wen threw a bloody heavy stone onto the roof and made a loud rattling sound. Must have scared the hell out of those explorers, which was estimated to be around 10 or more ppl. Ran as fast as we could before they came chasing us with parangs, you never know what they are capable of ...

Those bikes must have belong to mud yo yo ...

After action report @ woodlands 888
Overall a satisfied trip except that we missed out the isolated hut on the hill top. Successfully ventured without visit from policeman/guards. Maybe we will be back someday to cover the missing parts, since we were there for a good 30 minutes only due to unwelcome visitors.

Running out of ideas for exploring, expect one more adventure before school reopens. Coming up next, the Ford Factory ...

After reading the exciting field report
leave you with a very cute

More adventures coming up, i'm not done yet !!!


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April 4th 2008
"Hi, I'm delta." At the Life Festival launch in the Vaults at Connolly Station at the end of the red Luas line I introduce myself to a group of mid 20s males and ask if, as I've been told, they work for a music magazine I've submitted an article to. One or two mumble in the affirmative, but none introduce themselves; so, speaking to one I ask, what does he do for the magazine. "Oh..." he replies, without making eye contact and immediately before resuming chatting with his pals "....I dance for the magazine".
I grace their group's periphery a while; then, Bud or Bud Lite complimentary drink in hand I go sample the satay spring roll type food which, though edible, can't be called Asian; because even display only plastic replica Asian food would diss its ancestors, laud academic failure in its offspring, commit honorable public suicide, even be impolite rather than endure momentary association with it
and I head on into the NEUTRONYX room's semolina cell glitterball scatter and exploding laboratory slide multisected with jittering green laser lightshow hypnotising me - Neutronyx, no shit -
out of my bad mood, and I realise I'm happy I'm not at the (broke writer's) No Life festival going on in my own house. The drunker I get - Dr., I don't know what's wrong with me you're feeling so hot – getting down to HOSPITAL DJS the more I trip out on the light show and the standard overhead mirrorball; a version of which, in 1925, laid in a Lalique designed fountain in the front pavillion, amidst Jacque Emil Ruhlmann's Pavillion Of A Wealth Collector, leading courturiers' Pavillion d'Elegance and Corbusier's Pavillion De Esprit Nouveau, in the broad daylight of Paris' Festivals Des Artes Decoratifs which gave to a design movement the name 'Art Deco' - or, per article in 'The Electrical Worker', highlighted incandescent lamps of various colors when flashed upon by a carbon arc light
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Dr., if this is sick then I don't want to be - by now I'm dancing wildly
or (I'll discover Googling 'discoball' days later) - click - featured on a postcard sent from the Milwaukee Hospital For The Insane addressed to Miss Louise Elurde of Hortonville Wisconsin dated December 1912
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hanging in the Sun Parlour for tuberculosis
...want to be well......
Depositing myself in a corner I get openly stared at by someone who looks 19; most probably because I look middleaged.But I'd have to be in dementia's final stages, blind, deaf, and,probably,
severly mentally ill to even consider shagging him; but which shag would, I'm completely sure (as I strive toward positive focus and balanced observational tone) be absolutely nothing less than the ride of his life.
"Are you alright?" I get asked by an utterly charming Belgian concierge "...let me know if I can get you anything".
Later on I’ll meet up with some fun friendly people whom I’ll never see again, have a perfectly nice chatty time and actually get somewhere close to achieving the warm inner glow of social acceptance whilst the concierge keeps me supplied with the one thing I need in order to express it.
- Paper.
LIFE FESTIVAL 4th 5th 6th July Lough Cutra Castle Gort Co. Galway NEUTRONYX light show courtesy of QPOP. Copyright DELTA O'HARA 2008

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