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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

@ Dempsey Hill

Dempsey Hill has been around going unnoticed for years before been shone under the spotlight as the hippest hangout spot for young yuppies. To define young yuppies, successful fresh graduates who earns a decent amount of salary and doesn't mind over-spending to indulge themselves. Haha that's just my own sentiments, basically it would mean young working adults. Anyway it's a place with no age restriction, spotted kids at the brewhouse and lots of teenagers hanging out at the favourite ice cream joint Ben and Jerry.

Lack maintenance

Slowly i notice the trend to promote "chill out" @ "countryside, there have been so much articles on the papers lately to introduce places that is darn out of the way from the usual town area. Since Singaporeans always complain our country is too small without much places to go, it's always interesting to see the media publish some ideas to share with the public. For example the southern ridge and kranji countryside has been receiving so much attention in this recession period, they are cheaper alternative to Sentosa and exotic oversea's holiday.

However Dempsey Hill has received far too much make over to transform this place into an exclusively elite territory. Shophouses like exotic furniture shop, boutique and restaurant all looked "unapproachable". Maybe i still have that sort of student mentality, carrying only $20 looking for the best deal that won't wipe out my pocket money for the weekend, maybe Ben n Jerry is the only that can spare you mercy.

After strolling at the top of the hill, we decided to settle down at the red dot brewhouse at the entrance. Similar concept to Brewerkz, they have their own refinery to produce exclusive house draft.

Here comes the main highlight of the night, the green monster beer! It wont cost you an arm or a leg to order this, only $8 for 390ml or $11 for next higher capacity which is definitely cheaper than Brewerkz. Girls steer clear because it looked like green but it doesn't taste like peppermint. But you can be assured of it's smoothness going down your throat, beats the hell out of generic beer at coffeeshop haha.

How can drink beer with empty stomach
Cheesy potatoes and spicy zing wings !

Not to mention this place is really huge, suitable for holding birthday event or ROM too !

Publish Post

Hanging "Crystal balls"

Dempsey Hill should appear familiar to most of you i guess ? Located at Holland road it shouldn't be too hard to find, though i still got lost a little by making turns too early. If you are looking for something new why not drop by here and experience the xmas atmosphere. My expectation was high and it kinda failed me, partially because i came here couple of years ago and it wasn't that "commercialized". Up next Portsdown road, they should have pretty good hidden gems there.

Xmas coming, i want to get myself a DSLR ! There is no Santa Claus so i have to pay for myself =X
Gotta get' em all !

Stay happy always for the next year !
We made our wishes !

And how can i forget my lovely tifi !
Merry Xmas and Happy new year to everybody ~


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