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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Marina Barrage

The city skyline from Marina

It was 3am in the morning while we were travelling along ECP, the bright lights on the calm reservoir caught our attention. They were not the light source from the IR construction, we figured out that it's the latest "attraction" in town, the Marina Barrage. The idea of watching Sunrise at the city reservoir was materialised after ice cream dessert at 24HR swensen @ crown prince hotel. Service at the restaurant was almost non existence, we helped ourself to the table, menu and carried the food to the table. I guess it can't be helped with few miserable staff running the place in wee hours, dropped in service standard is understandable.

It's kinda madness to have ice cream in the middle for the night, only hongnehneh could have come out with such idea. The next moment we found ourself chilling out at the Marina Barrage which have barely opened 1 week, this should put us among the first 20,000 people who visited this place ( 10,000 from the Newpaper bigwalk last week). According to my colleague, this project was visioned by MM Lee some 20 years ago. What is the purpose of building a dam across the Marina Channel ?

Reservoir in the City

The informative gallery will tell the story

Marina Bridge

A runway with shelters to enjoy the scenery

The Marina Barrage brings three important benefits; a new source of water supply, flood control and a lifestyle attraction. It increases Singapore's water supply, meeting 10 percent of our needs. It also serves as flood control to east flooding in low-lying areas of the city. The calm waters of the reservoir also make it an ideal venue for activities such as sailing and kayaking.

Besides walking along the bridge, you can also take the lift to the green rooftop which allows you to see breathe taking scenery of the landscape.

Like an airport runway

Alternatively you can climb the snaky slope to the rooftop, take your time to snap pictures from various angle, you will be amazed by the huge plot of artificial land created at the top. Even playing soccer is possible if you are not afraid of losing your ball to the reservoir.

Sunrise once again dampened by thick clouds

The pump house

Spotted the unique jetty design

In the blink of an eye its daylight

Although it's a new building, there is always room for improvement :Z
Not a pretty sight for tourist, maybe they haven't hire the cleaners yet.

Letters fell off

Still it makes an excellent chill out place for friends or romantic couples, bring along your food and drinks, there are plenty of seats around to rest your butt. Hurry up and come here before the crowd start flocking from Yishun Dam to Marina Dam, there is not a single soul on Sunday morning so you can jolly well enjoy the undisturbed peace.


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