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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Return of Strictlyeuro

Just to share some visual assorted stuff of what my friend bought in japan for me. It was really a kind gesture from her because we barely knew each other for couple of months. In contrary some of my friends whom i knew over a decade have the cheek to come back empty handed, not even contributing a bottle alcoholic as a consolation.

Uncle ah seng had the luxury to taste
one of the finest cookie as dubbed by him

Lucky charm ?

Good times/things are shared.

And a mini stood for places like yishun dam, cemeteries ?

Another proud asset to show off though i only participate in the 10km run. Actually nothing to show off, will probably be fast forgotten and collecting dust in a corner of the room. Maybe should run while i can before age catches up, it's a good training for annual ippt as well.

You must be wondering why im not working on my new project and posting irrelevant contents here. There are no hard rules on blogging, when you are in the mood just post it, nobody gonna put a stop to it, peace !

As much as i wanted to create a new site, it will involve too many man-hours in doing so, how ah ? Keeping it simple like this might not be a bad idea after all, i'm no longer a carefree student who can afford the time to such agenda.

No need to be so serious in blogging right ?

After some preliminary discussion with potential blog partners, i might collaborate with a design studio to revamp the whole site, with a personalized domain name and identity of it's own. Planning are still in the infant stage, all are still early to be disclosed but hopefully it will go according to my wish/plan.

Maybe uncle ah seng will be rope into my umbrella of writers, we had the pleasure of working together in the past after all. But firstly i will have to setup my new website asap with the team of designers, they have pretty good portfolio to support their reputation so it should be in good hands i guess.

Meantime i will have to complete a 10km run, it has gotta be the longest distance i will ever attempt. Next will move on to 24km :S

Let's do it, buy 4D number !

Catch me if you can !

Good news spread fast, some loyal readers have approached me for the latest development on the return. The fact is that i haven't really decide whether to reconstruct the 2 old blogs contents and bring them back alive or start on a brand new journey. Maybe this has something to do with my horoscope virgo; unwillingly to let go of the past. Well we shall see, in the meanwhile watch this space, weekend gonna be tight but i will try to devote some time here definitely.

Have a great weekend ahead, don't request porn video of her
Sorry i don't have it.

You have not heard me wrong, strictlyeuro will be back back with vengence. Expect better strong faster posts from the renowned most underrated blogger in the universe. To be part of this ground breaking history moment, tell me in 50 words or less why you deserve to join the first wave of readers reading the juiciest gossip, insider secrets, sexplore adventures and much more.

Ladies can skip the words and attach a picture in the sexiest/cutiest pose (picture speaks a thousand words) . All information will be treated with strictest confidence.

O yeah super hyped up !

Sorry forgot to include my email :
Contest closing on June 18th 09
Look forward to seeing your photographs ladies ! : )


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