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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Strictlyeuro Go Live

I figured out the fastest way to shoot to fame is to appear live on television, irregardless of the method used. They won't be able to cut away the scenes in a live telecast show, and you will enjoy the minute of fame before the director shouts commercial break. Better than taking part in Singapore Idol when you only stand a chance if your stupidity is worth the laugh.

1) Hold a banner to gain attention, but viewers would focus their vision to something more uhmmm... so becareful while doing so.

2) Attempt to invade the theatre and take over the live broadcast, they always say media is the most powerful tool of propaganda.

3) Try a long shot, throw your old grandmother shoe at Jack Neo during the show. Remember you only have 2 chance (pair of shoe) so aim it accurately.

4) Say something explicit that would astonish the audience, but i doubt i will ever get the chance to be interviewed and nobody would care about your first time experience enjoying a full body massage. That explains the shiokness by her.

What would you do in front of a live camera ?


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