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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blogging On the Move

One of the element to be a versatile blogger is to have the ability to blog from virtually anywhere. To my limited knowledge this are some possible scenario.

1) Blogging in a mrt train with a laptop ignoring the poor preggy lady standing.
2) Blogging through handphone while doing very personal business in the toilet.
3) Hogging MCD seats in busy lunch time, tell me how many young punk are actually doing homework behind the screen, Blogspot, Facebook or MSN more likely.

4) Typing this post through a mini laptop, trying hard to maintain balance so as not to drop it. Desktop is not an option because you are not at home, and it's been used for more power hungry application, Left 4 Dead.

Being mobility means there aren't many pictures to begin with, thankfully this mini laptop is able to read camera SD card so that means i can do a random picture post... or else ...

Seombody will not be pleased

Taking pictures at Sky garden while waiting for Hannah (ironically her name is Hannah) to watch Hannah Montana the movie. Normally i would have fancy action pack movie like terminator or high budget block buster movie, but a change would be rewarding sometimes. The movie turned out to be above average for my liking, i never expect i would enjoy this sort of teenage wait disney flicks. Do give it a watch if you looking for something from your usual favourite genre.

Breakfast at Whampoa again, weather very hot hot hot !

Guess the missing character

$2 mee siam always pai dui,
waiting time made worse when you noticed
everybody is dabaoing 10 packets

Need no introduce
My accomplice in dungeon and dragon expedition

lala is my proud sponsor for the eee mini laptop

Still i would prefer to lay back on my chair staring comfortably on a 20 inch LCD than pricking on the miniature keyboard. This post marks the first and the last on blogging mobility, i'm returning back the laptop to lala, thanks but no thanks.

You have been a great friend and
i truly appreciate that


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