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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo L4 Real Madrid

Who would have expect Manchester United most prized possession player to leave abruptly this summer. After a series of transfer saga, the move will finally be materalised by this month end. Perhaps seeing an unusual erection in a training session has prompted him to make the switch. It's really freaky to do warmup beside somebody who has a crush on you, considering that the admirer has a bulge in the pants.


What happens after the training is even undesirable, i can understand his feelings but will never understand the pain went through literally. A dropped soap plus a pair of feets closing in equates to fatal combination. Some say why not use shower gel instead to prevent such tragic from occurring, shower gel can also drop on the ground and it's heavy to pick up. Maybe moving out/on is the only way out to end the agony pain.

Now you can throw away your Jersey, yup i'm talking to fans who wear his famous shirt haha. Goodbye Ronaldo, Hello 80million pound !


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