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Friday, July 17, 2009

First Portrait Shoot : Behind The Scenes

It all started when i feel decided that i have enough of taking landscape, that's when i approach my friends for a collaboration of portrait shoot. Choosing a location has always been selective for me, same for my friends, so on a fine morning we headed to a quiet place in Seletar area where we can shoot with ease without disturbance.

Carrying my tripod, barang barang containing my props.

Claudia doing some final touch up

Make up checked

Lawrence joining in the fun too

Doing a portrait shoot is an entirely different game from landscape, it requires good communication and teamwork to produce results. A constant challenge in portaiture is determing whether the pose connotes masculinity or feminity and adjusting accordingly. As a photographer i need to observe the details and guide my subjects to portrait correctly. At first it might be awkward working with them, after awhile once rapport has been built we started to have fun and experimenting.

Random shot

Without any experience in portraiture, it took quite a while before getting into the mood for creativity. Fortunately my friends have been very patient in helping me to build confidence in getting the right shots.

Exhibiting some shots from my Panasonic LX3 camera, yup it's a non dslr that's im using.

More pictures uploaded facebook.

Although i couldn't produce master piece like those pro photographer, but certainly it was the experience and accompany that counts : ) I'm glad to have friends like them who have the sporting spirit ! To appreciate their hardwork and time devoted for the photoshoot, I specially treated them to an exquisite cafe in thomson serving excellent food, you guys deserved that !

Mission accomplished, moving onto the next challenge.


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