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Monday, January 04, 2010

Last Christmas

Looking through the photo albums uploaded towards the end of 2009, i discovered that many had uploaded their prized possession and named it "Xmas : Season of Giving" or "Me to Him/Her". As expected you would see presents valued equivalent no less than a Iphone. To quote some examples, branded bags/wallet, super high end camera, cell-phones manufactured by a fruit name and the list goes on. Sure it does feels good to have someone fulfilled your wishlist, however that would mean that you have to do the same for the other party.

In short Christmas is simply an excuse for you to burn a hole in your pocket to get that thing you wanted very much, except to exchange it with a similar hefty priced gift. I have been in similar position last year but don't even get me started on that. I had my fair share of Xmas celebration this year, and i thought it would be great to post them in my blog instead.

A thank you photograph from Sarah dated Dec 2010. The picture is a similar scene taken at the recent Dinner and Dance so i figured out it must be a honest mistake.

A bottle of South African wine from the gift exchange party. Exactly what i wanted in the first place, i would have no use for cute cushion, cookies, chocolates, and more chocolates. The only grief i have is the lack of wine opener at home, can see cannot drink, it's like underage teen barred from drinking but able to juggle the bottle. Anyway i have a feeling that this gonna taste really sour.

On the day before Christmas Eve Singpost delivered to my door step a walkman cellphone. It must have been the greatest surprise because i do not have to pay a single cents for it. Like an anxious boy in the candy store, i unwrapped it only to discover a camera lookalike module behind. Santa Claus must have been unaware the position i'm in hence i have sold it away for good clause. All things come with a price literally, my contract is extended for another cool 24 mths. i believe Santa Claus must have been unpleased with my action.

To pacify his anger and ensure that i would continue to receive gifts more good years ahead, i attempted to buy back the phone but was unsuccessfully. He must have felt my remorse and forgive me by granting additional 2 non camera phone on Xmas day. My joy was short-lived as i discovered that the profit from the sale had mysteriously disappeared from my ah-nia bay wallet. I will try to sell away the excessive phone when Santa Claus returns to Finland.

All is not lost, there is light afterall at the end of the tunnel, not that a shiny new car is waiting for me though.

It was a snowman standing on my table despite it's not snowing in Singapore. You don't need snow to celebrate Christmas, just like not having a valid reason for giving gifts.

When Santa Claus left the country, he couldn't carry the excessive baggage therefore he left quite abit of fortune for me. Unlimited supply of Snapper drink for all occasion, particularly Chinese New Year. I don't know how long is the unlimited supply gonna last me before he re-claim it back this Christmas, enjoy while it last !

If you agree that is post is crappy, i second to that.


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