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Monday, December 07, 2009

Kena 1st Prize

How come other department people know i won the first prize at the dinner ? But they didn't know i already off-loaded the netbook over the weekend since i have no need for it... Will blog about my roadtrip to Malaysia exploring wulu places with great view and sedap food next time. Meanwhile experimenting with my new camera, sadly haven't get to test out in day light yet. Till then... HAHA kena first prize first time.

Post a few more pics ... my hoot from the trip.

Gifts from TJH

Smartass T-shirt with price-tag

Many many more events coming up, busy dec lah. Tml still got meeting with friends for xmas party planning, i think they are just keen to meet up for a chat lah. I really don't know what else they do beside shopping/movie/makan.


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