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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pizza @ The Makena

As the birthday planner for grave, i was tasked to find a location to hold his very private celebration with just the four of us. He has been obsessed playing L4D2 with us therefore insisted we meet up on his special day instead with the zombies babes surrounding him.

Though he was expecting a treat at random posh restaurant near his house in town area, he wasn't exactly going to get that kind of treatment. Neither are we planning to book a hotel room for him, surprised by friends jumping out of closet and pull the party poppers at him. Instead it's just going to be simple and exquisite, no need something fanciful nor expensive yet equally memorable. I know he's going to be disappointed that there will be no hooters girls serving you, since i'm calling the shots so no sleazy pubs for us tonight.

So off we go at the Makena condo in East Coast for exclusive homemade pizza by Kevinbakery. No service charge, no GST and feels at home.

@ the tepastry

Freshest ingredient guarantee

Worth the wait

Thin crust pizza put home delivery pizza to shame

Candle lighting at the poolside made difficult as East Coast Park breeze was sailing through.


Chocolate mousse cake was awfully sinful

After dinner by the poolside, we were at ECP across the street for more chill out session accompanied with live band.

Now for phototaking session under the bright neon signage of a Seafood Resturant. Look at their expression, so undead. Must be the resultant from too much online zombie gaming.

Who says guys birthday celebration are boring ?


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