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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Journey to the West

When it comes to food hunting or chill out spots, it seems that the west side has always been under appreciated. Too often our mind would tend to sway towards the East, in my opinion the top of the list of hot spots are :

1. Changi Village, red tea jelly logan at the market must try after main course. Follow by free road show by the transformer at the carpark.
2. Geylang, Dim Sum/ Beef Hor Fun, just can't get enough of them ! Plenty of distance to walk around for digestion around the area.
3. East Coast, Rojak/BBQ chicken wings and sugar cane to quench thirst. Do i have to mention the scenery at the beach ?
4. Bedok 85 market, to die for Bak Chor Mee and many delicious local food...
5. Serangoon Chomp Chomp, how can you forget the infamous RK eating house ? No pork order please !

This is so unfair, is the god showing favoritism to the east landers ? Even the locals are discussing whether the babes in the East are prettier than any other areas. I'm sure you have heard the saying that lots of cute babes cluster in Tampines, or perhaps many love to flock over there for certain reasons. As a northern resident, my theory is grass is always green on the other side.

Having said all that, is there any hope left for the West ? If you had previously joined me for the journey to the East, make a U-turn to the West and check what's left over there in our small sunny island.

Find the place familiar ? Now enter the dragon den ...
Explosives and firearms on display, my reservist have not started hence there is no way for me to take such pictures !

Suddenly the lights appeared and transformed the stage into a mini-battle ground, we are going to war ! Wait a minute, let me sit back relax and enjoy watching the wayang show. Impressive indeed, Kids would definitely consider army for their future career. I'm sure they do have answer when the Teacher ask them what they wanna be; I wanna be a Soldier !

Boomz !

After the show ended, it's time to settle for dinner and Jurong Point is out of the option. Today i overheard a conversion from xmm/xdd citing that it has become a mini-country over there. Think Chinatown, Golden Mile you will know my meaning.

So what's a place where you can have fresher air and peace, away from the buzz of city life ?

Larger version of the Seletar watch tower

Can smell chemical plants ?

I should be smelling food at dinner time !

Fruitful weekend, i can look forward to my reservist now. Better charge my Ipod and PSP, they will be put into good use during outfield exercise. Also need to pass my IPPT, wonder if i'm still able to make it through or not ... Till then Be Right Back, though not so soon ...


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