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Monday, October 18, 2010

Stuck With a Dead Battery

Shot at Lower Seletar Reservoir

What should you do if you are unable to start your car engine?
Fret not, do make sure your gear is in "P" mode before you start cranking again. Else it could be a case of battery failure.

Usually there would be some symptoms before it give up on you such as; longer/diffculty cranking time, weak radio/window. Unfortunately for the 2 occasion that happened to me, there wasn't any signs for me to pre-empt. The last time it occurred to me was at an atm nearby my house. Made a phone call for help to my sis in law to jumpstart the car, changed to a wet cell battery at a petrol station and totally forgot about the maintenance. Lasted me for a good 2 years before it died on me again without any warning.

Fortunately in this unfortunate situation my car was parked at my house. Hence i could afford to take the time to look for help without worrying of getting summon or left stranded in some ulu places. I'm glad i made it back home from Orchard the previous night, it would be disastrous to be stuck in B2 carpark hot and sweaty with the clock ticking down on the parking charges. No reception, no internet, hot n humid, per min parking charges !

My brother came to my rescue in his shiny white civic and hook up the cables to revive my pikachu. It was like performing CPR + defibrillator on the dead pikachu but to no vail. Checked out the forum for the best deal for battery onsite installment and they arrived 45 minutes after activation. A simple 10 minutes job, paid alittle bit more for the delivery charges and the roaring pikachu was back to life again.

Looks like i will be pushing my luck for another 2 years hoping that the "sudden death" won't happen in a place you don't wanna be ( cemetery, erp carpark, ulu places etc ) But this new battery comes with an indicator that i can roughly gauge it's lifespan, at least i would able to do preventive maintenance.

Im blogging because someone encouraged me to write something so i thought i could share some knowledge or stories here. Nothing spectacular like the past, just words =)


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