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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guess Who

Have you ever received mail or message without name? It leaves you wondering who is the mysterious person "x", little clues left behind usually wouldn't help to solve the case.

There was once i received a mail via internal despatch. Meaning that anyone in the company could just send an envelope to another colleague without having to indicate his/her name. So i opened up this brown envelope and found nothing except a red string with missing G(pun intended). What does a red string suppose to mean, friend or foe? I didnt think too much, perhaps that could be my mischievous colleagues playing a prank on me. Things went as per normal in office after that so i concluded it wasn't from some sort of "enemies".

Today i found this note on my table, apparently somebody is trying to play mind games with me again. However this time round it was on a friendly side. Did a quick check in my office and nobody admitted to the "crime". Judging from the relatively neat handwriting and circles on "i" and ! (lazy guys would just put a dot), it should come from the female hands.

Below is the SMS exchanged with the prime suspect

Me : Did you left a sticky note on my desk?
X : lol... Got meh

Me : Dunno which cute one wrote message for me on my desk... Trying to find culprit haha
X : Hehe. jiayou in finding the cute person...

Me : You very cute de loh
X : that's quite true. . . Wahaha. . .

Me : Wahaha i found the cute one!
X : =X

It wasn't too hard to make her confess of the crime =X


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